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Onsite Sewage Program

About the Onsite Sewage Research Program

The Onsite Sewage Program has an ongoing onsite sewage research program with a goal of providing reliable, cost-effective systems that most effectively protect public health and the environment. State dollars in the research fund are often used as leverage to obtain outside grants. In addition, the Legislature has provided funding for special projects, such as the Nitrogen Reduction Strategies Study.

Training Center

To help fulfill the credentialing and continuing education training needs of onsite wastewater contractors and county health department field staff, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection staff provide and support training at various locations across the state.

Septic Contracting Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, who is allowed to do work on a septic system?

  1. A homeowner can do septic work only on his or her owner-occupied, single-family home.
  2. A state plumber, licensed pursuant to section 489.105(3)(m), F.S.
  3. A septic tank contractor registered pursuant to Part III of Chapter 489, F.S. and Part III of Rule 62-6, F.A.C.

Is experience under a licensed plumber equivalent to that obtained under a registered septic tank contractor?


The department is authorized to grant variances in hardship cases which may be less restrictive than the provisions specified section 381.0065, Florida Statutes, and those portions of Chapter 62-6, F.A.C., that implement section 381.0065, F.S.


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