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Hazardous Waste Rulemaking

Chapter 62-730, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), Hazardous Waste Rulemaking 2022-2023

  • Notice of Rule Development (Published on November ##, 2022)
  • Draft Rule Chapter 62-730, F.A.C.
  • Draft Forms for Rulemaking
    • DEP Form 62-730.900(1)(b) 8700-12FL – Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity
    • DEP Form 62-730.900(5)(a) State of Florida Certificate of Liability Insurance Hazardous Waste Transporter and Used Oil Handler

Increasing Recycling: Adding Aerosol Cans to Universal Waste Regulations

  • Chapter 62-730 - Addition of Aerosol Cans to Universal Waste Regulations in Chapter 62-730, F.A.C. (Final Rule Effective 10/30/20)

The latest change to the State of Florida Hazardous Waste Rule ensures that the Department's Hazardous Waste Management program is in line with the most current changes to Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 273. Chapter 62-730.185, F.A.C. details the adoption of Standards for Universal Waste Management in 40 CFR 273.

The goal of the change is to: 

  • Ease regulatory burdens on retail stores and others that discard aerosol cans, 
  • Promote the collection and recycling of aerosol cans, and
  • Encourage the development of municipal and commercial programs to reduce the quantity of these wastes going to municipal solid waste landfills or combustors. 

Aerosol Can Disposal Management


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