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Financial Assurance Program

When demonstrating proof of financial assurance/responsibility, owners or operators can choose from a list of approved financial mechanisms that best meet their individual needs. With few exceptions, DEP forms must be used.

PCAP Financial Assurance Programs

Specific information (estimates, forms, provider companies, etc.) can be accessed from these links:

Other DEP programs with Financial Assurance/Responsibility Requirements

The Division of Water Resource Management has financial responsibility requirements in their Phosphate Management (gypstacks), Mitigation Banking, Submerged Lands (wetlands), Environmental Resource Permitting (mitigation), Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) and Underground Injection Control (UIC) wells programs.


To minimize the threat to public health and the environment, Financial Assurance requirements have been required since the early 1980s to secure the proper closure and maintenance of solid and hazardous waste management facilities operating in the state of Florida. Financial Responsibility requirements for underground and aboveground petroleum storage tanks began about the same time to ensure that owners and operators of regulated storage tanks have the financial resources to pay for the cost of corrective action and compensating third parties for bodily injury and property damage that might result from a discharge from a petroleum storage tank system. Required use of DEP financial assurance forms was new for Storage Tanks in 2017.

Frequently Requested Reports

Financial assurance information requested quarterly (as public records requests) is now included in spreadsheets available here. We plan to update Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Excel Workbooks near the beginning of January, April, July and October.

Contact Information

Financial Assurance Working Group
Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program
Division of Waste Management
Department of Environmental Protection
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 4548
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400


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