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Transporters of Hazardous and Universal Wastes

Transporters (40 CFR 263) (62-730 F.A.C.)

Hazardous Waste (HW) Transporter: any person(s) who moves HW from one site to another, picks-up and delivers HW to another HW Transporter or designated TSD facility and stores the HW for less than 24 hours.

Universal Waste (UW) Transporter: any person(s) engaged in off-site transport of UW by air, rail, public highways, and/or water.

Florida's hazardous waste regulations for transporters and transfer facilities are more stringent than the federal regulations.  

  • Obtain ID number (263.11) (phone 850/245-8705) (62-730.900(1)(b) F.A.C.).
  • Use manifest system (263 Subpart B).
  • Ability to clean up hazardous waste discharges during transportation-related incidents (263 Subpart C).
  • Provide annual documentation of financial responsibility  (62-730.170 F.A.C.).
  • Submit annual status update to DEP (62-730.170 F.A.C.).
  • Transporters storing waste > 24 hours at a transfer facility must notify DEP and meet many TSDF requirements (62-730.171 F.A.C.), including containment, operating record, contingency plan, training, security, and closure.
  • All transfer facilities operated in the state must have a unique ID number (62-730.171 F.A.C.).
  • Transfer facilities must submit closure plan and contingency plan to DEP (62-730.171 F.A.C.).
  • Transfer facilities must maintain a written record of when all hazardous waste enters and leaves the facility (62-730.171 F.A.C.).

Certified Transporters of Mercury and Hazardous Waste 

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