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Water Resource Management Contacts

Beach and Coastal Permitting

  • Beaches, Inlets & Ports  850-245-8336 (ERP and joint coastal permitting, regulating beach nourishment and port dredging)

Compliance, Certification and Restoration  850-245-8567

  • Operator Certification  850-245-7500 (Water and wastewater operator testing and licensing; complaint investigation)
  • Water Supply Restoration   850-245-8336 (Restoration of drinking water (filters, lines, new wells) where private wells are contaminated)

Mining 850-245-7554

  • Oil and Gas  850-245-8336 (Permitting authority for oil and gas drilling, production, and geophysical exploration in Florida)
  • Phosphate Management Program (Permitting, compliance, enforcement, financial responsibility and closure associated with phosphogypsum stack systems)

Source and Drinking Water  850-245-8624 (Permitting, compliance, and enforcement coordination; technical assistance; monitoring and reporting data management; rule development)

  • Aquifer Protection   850-245-8645 (Wellhead Protection; Source Water Protection; Ground Water Delineation Program; Water Well Contractors Information and Violations Clearinghouse; technical assistance; rule development)
  • Underground Injection Control  850-245-8655 (Permitting, compliance, and enforcement coordination; monitoring and reporting data management; rule development)

Submerged Lands (Wetlands) and Environmental Resource Coordination 850-245-8336

  • SLER Compliance and Enforcement (Compliance and Enforcement for ERP Permitting & Sovereign Submerged Lands, public outreach)
  • Mitigation  850-245-8336 (Mitigation, offsite mitigation, offsite regional mitigation, and the purchase of mitigation credits from permitted mitigation banks)
  • Environmental Resource Permitting 850-245-8336 (Questions on Sovereign Submerged Lands and Environmental Resource Permit programs, issues involving Sovereign Submerged Lands and all rulemaking)
  • Wetland Delineation 850-245-8336 (Perform wetland delineations, provide training in wetland delineation and classification, provide technical assistance)

Wastewater and Stormwater Management  850-245-8336

  • Domestic Wastewater  850-245-8605 (Permitting, compliance, and enforcement coordination; reuse; residuals; industrial pretreatment; local program delegation; rule development)
  • Industrial Wastewater  850-245-8589 (Permitting, compliance, and enforcement coordination; power plant permitting; animal husbandry; rule development)
  • NPDES Stormwater  850-245-7522 (Stormwater permitting and compliance associated with construction activity, certain industrial sectors, and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4))

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