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Aquifer Protection Program - UIC

DEP's Aquifer Protection Program (APP) consists of a team of dedicated employees, including geologists and engineers, who implement the federal Underground Injection Control (UIC) program in Florida. Subsurface injection, the practice of emplacing fluids in a permeable underground aquifer by gravity flow or under pressure through an injection well, is one of a variety of wastewater disposal or reuse methods used in Florida.

The APP / UIC program permits the lawful option of disposal of appropriately treated fluids via underground injection wells, while protecting Florida's underground sources of drinking water (USDWs). A USDW is the part of an aquifer that is capable of supplying water for human consumption now or in the future. It has a total dissolved solids concentration of less than 10,000 milligrams per liter. The construction, operation, permitting, and closure activities for injection wells are administered in accordance with Chapter 62-528, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Chapter 62-528, F.A.C., contains stringent requirements to prevent the degradation of the existing water quality of the aquifers adjacent to the injection zone.

DEP Tallahassee Office

Aquifer Protection/UIC
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 3530
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400
  • Phone: 850-245-8645
  • FAX: 850-245-8669

Aquifer Protection/UIC Contact Information

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