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Storage Tank Facility Registration

Storage Tank Facility Registration provides registration assistance to storage tank owners and operators; general information to the public regarding facility, tank, owner data; and technical and data management support to district and contracted local program staff.

Online Registration

Our goal is to provide a paperless transaction route for you to easily:

  • Pay invoices online,
  • Print placards,
  • Update facility information

Please visit the ESSA portal to update or access your tank registration.

Online Registration Instructions

  • You must register to use the Business Portal before you are able to complete any updates
  • To Register:
    • Go to the DEP Business Portal and select the “Submit” option.
    • Select the “Registration Notification” option.
    • Select the “Registration Notification” option.
    • Select the “Storage Tank Registration” option.
    • Click “Register” Link in the upper right or lower left corner.
    • Fill in the required information and select “Register”
    • Use the registered email address and password to sign into the FDEP Business Portal. 

For the Registration Form and Instructions or other aboveground/underground tanks forms, please visit the Rules page.

Placard Information

Pursuant to Section 376.3077, F.S. The placard shall be displayed in plain view in the office, kiosk, or at another suitable location at the facility where the storage tank system is located.

Unless a valid registration placard is displayed in plain view as required by paragraph 62-761.400(4)(f), F.A.C., no motor fuel may be deposited into a storage tank required to be registered pursuant to this rule. Facility owners, operators, and suppliers are each responsible for compliance with this provision. For the purposes of this rule, motor fuels mean petroleum products, including petroleum products blended with biofuels, used for the operation of a motor or engine.


How to Obtain a Registration Placard Through the ESSA Portal

Please allow two weeks after mailed payment for processing, then access the ESSA Portal.

  • Go to the DEP Business Portal and select the “Submit” option.
  • Select the “Registration Notification” option.
  • Select the “Storage Tank Registration” option.
  • Login using your email and password
  • Select “Yes” to the question “Do you have a Storage Tank Account Number” (STCM)
  • Enter the STCM number in the box
  • Select “Request Placard”
  • Click “Save and Go to New Step”
  • Click the red link to continue
  • Select “Request Placard”

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Registration Personnel

Name Phone Number Email Address
Madhuri Madala
Laurence Min 850-245-8840
Kimberly Morgan 850-245-8896
Cynthia Hudson 850-245-8981
Kathryn Nitsch 850-245-8749

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