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Florida's Innovative Recycling Grants Program

Below is a list of all the innovative grants that have been awarded since the start of the program.  They are sorted by year, then by county.

Florida's Innovative Recycling Grants Program
Fiscal Year Applicants Grant Name
97-98 Duval County Polystyrene Market Analysis for Duval County Public Schools

Duval County

Recycling of Food-Service Polystyrene as an Amendment in Compost and Concrete Production

Duval County

Market Analysis and Analytical Testing of Shredded Polystyrene from School Cafeterias

Duval County

Pelletized Polystyrene Food Containers as an Aerating Amendment in Mulch
97-98 Gadsden County

Regional Paper Collection and Recycling

97-98 New River Solid Waste Associations Collection, Processing and Marketing of Old Corrugated Cardboard 
97-98 Pinellas County The Use of Mulch in Sheet Composting for Weed Suppression at the Cockroach Bay Restoration Project
97-98 Sarasota County 1 Carpet Recycling Project 
97-98 Sarasota County 2
97-98 Sumter County In-Vessel Composting of Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail and Animal Remains
98-99 Alachua County 1 Composting Institutional Food Waste, Paper, Trash and Municipal Biosolids 
98-99 Alachua County 2 Reuse & Recycling C&D Waste through Deconstruction
98-99 Citrus County Putnam County Innovative Drywall Recycling Program 
98-99 New River Solid Waste Association Recycling of Recovered Gypsum Drywall by Land Application 
98-99 Okaloosa County 2 Innovative Drywall Composting
98-99 Palm Beach County 1 Optical Sorting to Recover Mixed Cullet
98-99 Palm Beach County 2 Florida Atlantic University Materials Recovery Program
98-99 Pinellas County Reclaiming Phosphate-Mined Lands with Recycled Yard Waste
98-99 Putnam County Citrus County Innovative Drywall Recycling Program
98-99 Sumter County 1 Processing Mixed Cullet for Local Alternative Markets
98-99 Sumter County 2 Vermicomposting Institutional Food Waste & Paper
99-00 Broward County Develop Glass Processing Facility
99-00 Charlotte County 1 Roofs to Roads
99-00 Charlotte County 2 Web-Based Waste Comp. Model
99-00 Hillsborough County
Leon County
99-00 Leon County Carpet Recycling
99-00 Orange County
Seminole County
Development of Drywall Processing Capacity
99-00 Pinellas County
99-00 Sarasota County

Online Sorting Technology for CCA Treated Wood

00-01 Broward County Electronics Recycling in Coordination with a Nonprofit Organization
00-01 Charlotte County Construction Materials Reuse
00-01 Charlotte County Electronics Recovery, Reuse and Recycling
00-01 Dade/Miami Online Interactive Waste Reduction for Businesses
00-01 Duval County Reuse of Glass as Aggregate for Asphalt Shingles
00-01 Escambia County Regional Electronics Recycling and Remanufacturing
00-01 Gadsden County Process Recycled Drywall (Gypsum), Glass and Paper for Use in Manufacturing a Commercial Product
00-01 Hillsborough County Materials Reuse Network
00-01 Leon County Increased Commercial and Residential Waste Diversion Through Innovative Programs and Contracts
00-01 Palm Beach County Business Equipment Reuse Center
00-01 Palm Beach County Installation of a Disc Screen System for Commercial Fiber
00-01 Palm Beach County Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide for Florida Correctional Facilities
00-01 Polk County MSW Reduction & Reuse Guide
00-01 Sarasota County Food Recovery & Recycling
00-01 Seminole County Decision Support Tool for Local Source Reduction and Recycling Initiatives
00-01 Sumter County Best Management Practices Program for Treated and Untreated Lumber
03-04 Crestview, City of Geohay
03-04 Leon County Use of Waste Materials as Aggregate in the Manufacture of Pre-cast Concrete Products
03-04 Manatee County Manatee County Green Building Strategies: Hospital Construction Project
03-04 Palm Beach County Building Materials Reuse Center
04-05 Brevard County An Innovative Program to Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste
04-05 Collier County Collier County Recycling Fitness Walk
04-05 Hillsborough County Getting to the Heart of C/I Waste Reduction - Greening Property Managers
04-05 Leon County Use of Processed Fluorescent Tube Glass and Other Glass Cullet in the Manufacture of Concrete Products
04-05 Medley, Town of Augmented Sorting of Recovered Wood Waste Using Stain and X-ray Technologies
04-05 Pinellas County Beach-Recycling Pilot Program and Evaluation
04-05 Polk County Statewide Mobile Collection, Processing and Recovery Program for Polystyrene
04-05 Sarasota County A Green Business Certification Program
04-05 St. Lucie County Recycle Art, Awareness and Action
04-05 Sumter County 100% Concrete Recovery in Sumter County - The Green Redeemer Machine
04-05 Surfside, Town of Back Yard Composting Education Program
04-05 Tallahassee, City of The Municipal Green Building Certification Voyage
05-06 Alachua County

Building a Cost-Effective Commercial and Institutional Electronics Recovery Program

05-06 Clay County

An Analysis of Management Policies that Encourage C&D Debris Recycling

05-06 Gainesville, City of The Green House
05-06 Leon County Beneficial Reuse of Waste Materials to Control Odors and Methane Release from Landfills
05-06 St. Lucie County Innovative Recycling & Marketing Gypsum Wallboard from C&D Waste Stream
05-06 Seminole County

Feasibility Study of Waste Tire Use in Pollution Control for Storm water Management and Water Conservation in Florida

05-06 Tampa, City of The Greening of Commercial and Institutional Events and Venues
06-07 Deerfield Beach, City of

Commercial Paper Shredding & Evaluation

06-07 Hillsborough County

Pay-As-You-Throw: Tossing New Light on an Underutilized Waste Reduction Tool

06-07 Jackson County

Providing Incentives for Recycling Drop-off Participation in Rural Counties

06-07 Leon County

Development of a Web-Based GIS Information Portal Focused on the Increased Beneficial Reuse of Recyclable Materials with a Focus on Traditional and Non-traditional Local Disposal Options

06-07 Medley, Town of Online Sorting of Recovered Wood Waste Using Automated X-ray Technology
06-07 Sumter County

Shelter from the Storm: Preparing and Enhancing Markets for Future Disaster Debris Diversion

06-07 Tallahassee, City of

Greening the Government, One Building at a Time

06-07 Tampa, City of

Participation Barriers to Commercial and Residential Recycling in an Urban Environment

07-08 Brevard County

Development of a Pilot Low-Cost Educational Campaign for Recycling Awareness

07-08 City of Fort Lauderdale

Beaches, Boats and Bars: Greening Florida's Biggest Industries

07-08 City of Orlando

Enabling Downtown Commercial Recycling via Single Stream Collection

07-08 Tallahassee, City of

The Greening of Florida: A Solid Waste Management Roadmap

07-08 City of Tampa

Race to Recycle: Recycling at Outdoor Road Races, Walks, Concerts and Special Events

07-08 Collier County

Seasonal and Year-Round Commercial "How to Recycle" Videos

07-08 Collier County

School Beverage Container Recycling Challenge Program

07-08 Escambia County

Landfill Mining and Reclamation

07-08 Lee County

Recycling Waste Vegetable Oil Recycling Using Renewable Energy

07-08 Leon County

The Use of Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) Glass in the Manufacturing of Pre-stress and Pre-cast Concrete Products

07-08 New River Solid Waste Association

Waste Tire Geoconduits for Enhancing Biostabilization at Landfills

07-08 Pasco County

Creation Station Mobile Reuse Center

07-08 Pinellas County

MRFing Our Way to Diversion: Capturing the Commercial Stream

07-08 Polk County

Market Enhancement for Densified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Waste

07-08 Polk County

Statewide Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Waste Densifying Program

07-08 Polk County

Promoting Enhanced Resource Recovery of Hurricane Debris in Polk County Florida

07-08 Polk County

Beneficial Use of Asphalt Shingles from Construction and Demolition (C&D) Debris in Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Plants

07-08 Sarasota County

Building Blocks to Increase C&D Debris Recovery Through Program Incentives

07-08 St. Johns County

Recycling for an Active Generation

08-09 Highlands County

Landfill Gas-Fueled Asphalt Plant

08-09 Okaloosa County

The Calm Before the Storm: End-Markets for Storm Debris

08-09 Okaloosa County

Institutionalizing Green Building for Future Generations

(The original proposal was revised and reduced due to grant funding limitations.)

 * All of these reports are combined into one file.

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