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Greening Florida Government

Florida Statute 403.714 (Duties of State Agencies) reads that each state agency, the judicial branch of state government and the state university shall: (a) establish a program in cooperation with the Department of Management Services for the collection of all recyclable materials generated in state offices and institutions throughout the state, including, at a minimum, aluminum, high-grade office paper, and corrugated cardboard. The purpose of the "Greening Florida Government" program is for state government building managers in particular and all state employees in general to lead by example in setting up and utilizing recycling programs in all state buildings. The Department of Environmental Protection’s Greening Florida Government program can save the state money by reducing, reusing and recycling. We are also encouraging Green Procurement - the act of purchasing products made of recycled content. Practicing green procurement demonstrates an organization's commitment to considering and minimizing the environmental consequences of its activities. Green procurement can also offer savings; in particular, buying "green" usually involves products that are easily recycled, last longer and produce less waste. Money is therefore saved on waste disposal.


State Office Recycling Programs

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