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Funded Priorities List 3b Programs in Florida

On April 28, 2021, RESTORE Council approved its Funded Priorities List 3b (FPL 3b) for restoration efforts across the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Upon approval of the FPL, RESTORE Council released its Notice of Funding Availability, for which RESTORE Council members may submit applications.

Following applications for federal awards, DEP’s Deepwater Horizon Program (DWH) will receive approval to fund $29,787,500 to support four Gulf Coast restoration programs, with an additional $38,962,500 identified for potential future funding.

Gulf Coast Resiliency Program: The Gulf Coast Resiliency Program was developed to address stressors such as: threats from sea level rise; hazards associated with extreme weather; coastal inundation; and habitat loss and fragmentation.

Gulf Coast Tributaries Hydrologic Restoration Program: The Tributaries and Hydrologic Restoration Program was developed to address stressors associated with hydrologic modification and to improve: flow regime dynamics; nutrient cycling; salinity gradients; and wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Water Quality Improvement Program: The Water Quality Improvement Program was developed to address stressors associated with: agricultural runoff; urban stormwater runoff; septic system effluent; and inadequate wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.

Strategic Gulf Coast Land Acquisition Program: DEP relies on the state’s established Florida Forever program to identify and select projects to fund under the Florida Strategic Gulf Coast Land Acquisition Program.

Submitting Project Proposals

Florida solicited projects for RESTORE FPL3b programs June 9 through July 11, 2022. 


Financial assistance is available to Florida’s local governments, including county and municipal governments, special districts, water management districts, state agencies and non-governmental organizations that can demonstrate competency in meeting 2 C.F.R. part 200. Proposals will be considered for projects that address restoration approaches and techniques outlined in RESTORE Council’s Planning Framework.

Project eligibility for the 2022 solicitation for projects includes the following:

Program Name

Geographical Extent

2022 Solicitation Eligible Technique(s)

Gulf Coast Resiliency Program

23 Gulf Coast Counties

  • Planning and design of living shorelines.
  • Coastal and submerged lands management.
  • Land acquisition to protect habitats that enhance resiliency.

Gulf Coast Tributaries Hydrologic Restoration Program

Watersheds that drain to the Gulf of Mexico (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code)

  • Ditch/canal plugging.
  • Restoring natural dimensions of tidal passes/inlets.
  • Restoring/reconnecting wetlands.
  • Installing erosion control or water control structures.
  • Strategic use of impoundments to capture and store flood waters to be released during droughts.
  • Land acquisition associated with hydrologic restoration activities.

Water Quality Improvement Program

Watersheds that drain to the Gulf of Mexico (8-digit Hydrologic Unit Code)

  • Stormwater management.
  • Erosion and sediment control.
  • Land acquisition associated with water quality improvement activities.
  • Reuse for non-potable water supply purposes.

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