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Earth Day 2023 will mobilize more than one billion people across the world who are dedicated to the health of the environment and future generations.   

 The theme of Earth Day 2023 is “Invest in Our Planet.” It calls on people in communities, businesses and governments worldwide to work together on behalf of the environment and increase protections for ecosystems.  

Earth Day is held every year on April 22. Since the first observance in 1970, Earth Day has grown into the largest civic observance in the world. People spend the day hiking, paddling and enjoying the outdoors, as well as participating in cleanup and restoration projects. It’s an opportunity to think about how our lives impact the environment. This year, consider what you can do to incorporate positive environmental practices into your daily routine, so each day is Earth Day.  

Celebrate Earth Day 2023

Practice Every Day is Earth Day 

Protecting our Earth, Economy and Future 

At the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) every day is Earth Day. The agency works year-round to protect and restore Florida’s natural resources by:  

  • Conserving the state’s natural and cultural history by acquiring environmentally sensitive lands.  
  • Using science to identify impaired water bodies and work with local communities to implement restoration and pollution prevention projects.  
  • Investing in our water quality protection and restoration projects.
  • Overseeing cleanup of contaminated sites to protect the environment and public health.  
  • Regulating air emissions sources to protect air quality.  
  • Working with communities to identify and implement projects to improve resiliency. 
  • Communicating real-time water quality status to Florida residents and other interested parties.
  • Enforcing the state’s environmental laws.  
  • Providing recreational opportunities for the public to enjoy Florida’s natural resources through the Florida State Parks. 

We can all take steps to personally and positively impact our community and our shared environment. Remember, even small actions can make a big impact. Get started by minimizing actions that deliver nutrients and other pollutants into our waterways, reporting algal blooms, volunteering and staying informed.

Earth Day Art Contest

Art contest submissions will be accepted through April 10, 2023.  

The 2023 Earth Day Art Contest is open to students in grades 4-12. This year's theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” Students are asked to design a poster that reflects how they take care of their environment. 

This contest launches March 1, 2023. Winning entries will be selected from each age group (fourth through fifth grade, sixth through eighth grade, and ninth through 12th grade) in each of DEP's six district regions and will receive a park day pass for entrance to a Florida State Park. Regional winners will be entered into a statewide contest for a full-size printed poster of their art. The winners will be announced April 22, 2023.

Challenge yourself with the Earth Day Bingo Card.

Challenge yourself with the Earth Day Bingo Card.
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View the full rules and scoring rubric for the art contest.

View the full rules and scoring rubric for the art contest.
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View the contact list for submitting poster contest art to your closest DEP district office.

View the contact list for submitting poster contest art to your closest DEP district office.
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