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Florida Forever

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Florida Forever is Florida’s premier conservation and recreation lands acquisition program, a blueprint for conserving natural resources and renewing Florida’s commitment to conserve the state’s natural and cultural heritage.

Florida Forever replaces Preservation 2000 (P2000), the largest public land acquisition program of its kind in the United States. With approximately 10 million acres managed for conservation in Florida, more than 2.5 million acres were purchased under the Florida Forever and P2000 programs.
Since the inception of the Florida Forever program in July 2001, the state has purchased more than 818,616 acres of land with a little over $3.1 billion.
Through Florida Forever, the state has protected:
  • 652,000 acres of strategic habitat conservation areas
  • 628,670 acres of rare species habitat conservation areas, including 1,149 sites that are habitats for 536 different rare species, 210 of which are federal- or state-listed as endangered, and 111 federal- or state-listed threatened
  • 784,000 acres of ecological greenways
  • 134,840 acres of under-represented natural communities
  • 570,870 acres landscape-size protection areas
  • 457,160 acres of natural floodplains
  • 796,060 acres important to significant water bodies
  • 462,020 acres minimize damage from flooding
  • 9,650 acres of fragile coastline
  • 320,880 acres of functional wetlands
  • 770,530 acres of significant groundwater recharge areas
  • 460 miles of priority recreational trails
  • 412,250 acres of sustainable forest land
  • 1,115 archaeological/historic sites
  • 12,140 acres in urban service areas
Note: These acreages were derived from the most recently updated Florida Forever data layers, which are continuously amended to reflect the most current scientific analysis of Florida’s natural resources. Additionally, the acreages recorded for each measure often overlap, and thus should not be added together. Acquisition of natural resources is generally increasing each year; however, protected acreage for some natural resources may show a decline from the previous year for various reasons, including updates to natural resource GIS layers and priorities, updates to conservation land boundaries, new information about acquisition dates and purchasing programs, and changes in the protected status of lands, i.e., lands no longer managed for conservation purposes.


Florida Forever Funding Distribution

When Florida Forever funding is appropriated by the Legislature, it is distributed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to a number of state agencies and programs to purchase public lands in the form of parks, trails, forests, wildlife management areas and more. All of these lands are held in trust for the residents of Florida.
Pursuant to 259.105(3) F.S. the breakdown to agencies is:
  1. Division of State Lands - 35%
  2. Stan Mayfield Working Waterfront - 2.5%
  3. Florida Communities Trust - 21%
  4. Division of Recreation and Parks - 1.5%
  5. Office of Greenways and Trails - 1.5%
  6. Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) - 2%
  7. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - 1.5%
  8. Florida Forest Service, DACS - 1.5%
  9. Rural & Family Lands, DACS - 3.5%
  10. Water Management Districts - 30%
This percentage distribution has not been used since FY 2010-11.  The Legislature did not appropriate funds in FY 2011-12, FY 2013-14, or FY 2017-18.  The other FY appropriations were funded by the Legislature with specific proviso language and not the percentage distribution. 

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Most Recent Information and Reports

Additional Florida Forever information listed below is available for download from the DEP FTP site.
What is an FTP site?
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How do I use the FTP site to access the content from the Division of State Lands?
You follow the links provided below. The links will go to the correct location on the FTP site, so you will be able to identify which file you need from the file name. Click on the file and either select “Open” or “Save” it to a location on your computer.
If I have more questions, whom should I contact?
Please contact the Division of State Lands at 850-245-2555. You will need to be able to tell the receptionist which internet page you are using to download the file, so your call can be directed to the correct area. For example: You are currently on the "Florida Forever" internet page.
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Florida Forever Priority Lists
Florida Forever Financial Status Reports
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