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Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC)

Department of Environmental Protection
Division of State Lands
Office of Environmental Services
3900 Commonwealth Blvd., MS 100
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Acquisition and Restoration Council Responsibilities

The Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC) is a 10-member group with representatives from four state agencies, four appointees of the Governor, one appointee by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and one appointee by the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. ARC has responsibility for the evaluation, selection and ranking of state land acquisition projects on the Florida Forever priority list, as well as the review of management plans and land uses for all state-owned conservation lands.
With assistance from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection staff and the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), ARC has the following responsibilities:
Acquisition responsibilities:
  • Reviews Florida Forever project proposals and decides evaluation needs;
  • Determines final project boundaries; and
  • Establishes priority ranking of projects and adopts annual land acquisition work plan.
Management responsibilities:
  • Reviews all management plans for state-owned lands; and
  • Reviews land use requests on state conservation lands, including easements, subleases and others.
FNAI provides scientific support to DEP staff and ARC in several key ways:
  • Scientific review of newly proposed land acquisition projects;
  • Comprehensive analysis and scoring of all Florida Forever projects using the Conservation Needs Assessment and F-Trac; and
  • Reviews land management plans.

Acquisition and Restoration Council Activities

Current ARC Meeting Calendar

Current Meeting Materials and Activities

Meeting materials will be available at this link seven (7) days prior to the upcoming ARC meeting. A summary of the meeting results will also be available within seven (7) days following the ARC meeting.

ARC Meetings Materials Archive

ARC meeting materials from prior meetings are available for one (1) year following the meeting. 

Negative Response Review

Negative response items will be posted on Thursdays for a two-week review period, except for State or Federal holidays. These items may be placed on an upcoming agenda upon request of three or more ARC members. Questions or concerns regarding these items should be submitted to the land manager.

Incompatible Use Requests

Management Plan Amendments

Management Plans for Properties containing 160 or fewer Acres

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