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Tampa Electric Company (TEC) Big Bend Unit 1 Modernization (PA79-12A2) - For the certification of existing Units 1, 2, and 3; re-powering of existing coal and gas fired Unit 1 with a natural gas fired 1090 MW 2-on-1 combined cycle generating facility; and, retirement of Unit 2 in Hillsborough County.

DEP Siting Coordination Case Manager - Ann Seiler (850) 717-9113

Relevant project information:
  Division of Administrative Hearing (DOAH Case No. 18-2124, click on Docket tab)

Project filings:
  Application (filed 4/18/18)
  TEC Proof of Publication of Notice of Filing Application (5/7/18)
  DEP Notice of Filing (5/9/18)
  Schedule (5/9/18;begins on page 5)
  DEP Determination of Incompleteness (5/25/18)
  Hillsborough County Land Use Consistency Determination (6/1/18)
  TEC Proof of Publication of Land Use Determination (6/22/18)
  DEP Notice of Land Use Determination (6/22/18)
  TEC Response to Incompleteness (6/27/18)
     Part 1
     Part 2
  Sierra Club Notice of Intent to become a Party (7/2/18)
  ALJ Order on Sierra Club Notice of Intent to become a Party (7/18/18)
   DEP Determination of Completeness (7/19/18) 
  Agency Reports (10/26/18)
  Stipulation to Alter Schedule (12/11/18)
  TEC Proof of Publication Notice of Certification Hearing (1/4/19)
  DEP Notice of Certification Hearing (1/25/19)
  DEP Project Analysis Report (1/29/19)
  ALJ Recommended Order (5/30/19)
  Siting Board Final Order (7/29/19)
Federal Permit Application information:
  Air Construction Permit Project Documents (filed 4/18/18)
  Final Permit (issued 7/16/18)
None at this time None at this time None at this time

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