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Central District - Compliance Assurance Program

DEP's goal is to partner with communities and businesses to protect natural resources and promote economic growth. The Central District works proactively to achieve compliance with environmental regulations that protect those resources and that support our livelihoods and our ways of life.

To help residents and business owners avoid penalties and to protect Florida’s resources, DEP provides compliance assistance through site visits, technical support, workshops, pre-application meetings and online, printable materials.

In a normal year, the district will conduct about 2,000 inspections, of which about 400 investigate complaints. District compliance assistance centers primarily on the following programs:

Air Resource Management

Stormwater (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System)

Waste Management

Water Resource Management

Wetlands, Stormwater, and State Lands

Air resources (stationary sources of air pollution; fugitive emissions; odors; open burning; excessive dust). Daniel Hall 407-897-4167
Asbestos. Jennifer Parker 407-897-4184 
NPDES stormwater - controlling pollution from stormwater runoff. Jenny Farrell 407-897-4173
Petroleum storage tanks - compliance issues associated with underground or above ground petroleum storage tanks and piping. Jenny Farrell 407-897-4173
Potable water - compliance with state and federal drinking water standards.

Jill Farris


SLERC - wetlands, surface waters or state lands; dredge and fill; stormwater ponds; docks/piers; boat ramps; shoreline stabilization. Jill Farris 407-897-4136
Hazardous waste. Daniel Hall 407-897-4167
Solid waste. David Smicherko 407-897-4169
Wastewater. David Smicherko 407-897-4169

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