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  • For more information, please contact Council Chair Daniel Dourte.

The Florida Water Resources Monitoring Council (FWRMC) promotes information sharing among stakeholders that participate in monitoring efforts and management for marine waters, fresh surface waters and groundwater in Florida. Council members include members of state, local and federal organizations. By fostering communication, cooperation and collaboration, the council is working to:

DEP staff collecting field meter measurements at the Wacissa River

  • coordinate water resource data collection in a way that reduces redundant data.
  • improve data sharing by increasing data comparability among member agencies, affiliates and stakeholders.
  • provide input into developing the Florida WIN data repository.
  • improve the scientific and legal defensibility of collected data.
  • compile and disseminate data concerning the hydrological, chemical, physical and biological properties of Florida’s waters.
  • ensure that water managers have the best science available for decision making.

The FWRMC has a work plan. The council periodically holds planning meetings and themed meetings to discuss topics of general interest. The council chair is a non-voting, advisory position that provides guidance to the council.
For more information or to get involved with the Council, contact Council Liaison Meghan Maly


The FWRMC accomplishes its goals through projects by its workgroups: 

Council Trainings

Videos of the council's 2019 training events are available below.

Additional Information

Additional information about the council’s development, workgroups and meetings can be found in the meeting archive.

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