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2025 2024 2023

June 2024

Tracers Series, Part III: Why Florida Needs a Tracer Database

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park Becomes Eighth State Geological Site

Featured Formation: Quaternary Undifferentiated Sediments and Divided Quaternary Undifferentiated Units in Florida, Part I

FGS Hosts the East Gulf Coastal Plain Stratigraphic Reconciliation Initiative Workshop

FGS Completes a Cooperatively Funded Project Focused on Geologic Mapping and Characterizing Heavy Mineral Deposits Associated with Trail Ridge Placers

May 2023

GEOFACT: Tracers Series, Part I: DYE TRACING

Jennings Bluff Tract in Hamilton County Named as the Seventh State Geological Site

Featured Formation: Cedar Keys Formation

Geology in ...the Real Florida℠ - Madison Blue Spring State Park

Outreach and Education Program Continues to Grow

Florida Geological Survey Awards Top Performers from 2022

A Guide to Identifying Springs and Seeps in Florida

October 2023


Earth Science Week Open House Showcases New Exhibits

Featured Formation: The Arcadia Formation

Geology in ...the Real Florida℠ - Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

FGS Shares Rich History with Association of American State Geologists

FGS Transfers Micropaleontological Collection to the Florida Museum of Natural History for Curation and Research

2022 2021 2020

April 2022

GEOFACT: Agatized Corals of Florida

Featured Formation- The Tamiami Formation

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Gold Head Branch and Ravine Gardens State Parks

Torreya State Park Named as Sixth State Geological Site

Lake Jackson Dry Down Events Over Past Year Present Research Opportunities

November 2022

Earth Science Week Activities Reach Record Number of Floridians

Florida Geomorphology Atlas Reveals How Geologic Processes Shape Florida's Landscape

Featured Formations: The St. Marks and Chattahoochee Formations

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Big Shoals State Park

In Memoriam: Guy Richardson

October 2021

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Hillsborough River State Park

Featured Formation - Tertiary/Quaternary Shell-Bearing Sediments

Goodbye, Geology - Sample Repository. Hello, Florida Geological Survey Sample Collections Facility

Preserving History: Florida Geological Survey Field Notebooks Now Online

FGS Director Retires to Assume National Role

January 2020

Meteorites: Cosmic Gifts From Beyond or Space Junk?

Featured Formation - The Chipola Formation

The Florida Geological Survey Mapping Initiative

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

FGS Hosts Open House, Provides Outreach to Floridians

Looking Back Across 112 Years of Florida Geologic Data

December 2020

Hidden Gems – FGS treasures you can discover online

Featured Formation - The Cypresshead Formation

FGS Participates in the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI)

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Torreya State Park

FGS Conducts Reconnaissance of Spring and River Flows during the 2019-2020 Rodman Reservoir Drawdown

2019 2018 2017

Winter 2019

Florida's Index Fossils

Featured Formation - The Jackson Bluff Formation

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

FGS Supports Florida Museum of Natural History

Nature-Inspired Art by Gabrielle Wu Lee Graces FGS Walls, Captivates Visitors

September 2019

Florida's Game of Bones

Featured Formation - The Bridgeboro Limestone

Geoscience Mentoring is Time Well-Spent

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park

FGS Staff Attend Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop in Butte, Montana

FGS Professional Geologist Retires after 29 Years with the State of Florida

Winter 2018

Hydrostratigraphy: What’s in a Name?

A Century of FGS Data at your Fingertips!

Featured Formation: The Citronelle

2017 Closes with New Publications, Awards, and Thoughtful Reflection

Spring 2018

Sea-level change isn't just about the sea

Featured Formation - The Marianna Limestone

Florida Coastal Mapping Beneath the Waves

Should Radon be on my Radar?

Sinkhole Safety: What are the warning signs, and what should be done?

Professional Geology News and Free Stuff!

IN MEMORIAM: Charles Walter “Bud” Hendry Jr.

Summer 2018

The Oldest Archived Geologic Samples in Florida – Thank you, Henry Flagler?

Featured Formation - The Miami Limestone

Emerging Contaminants in Groundwater

Borehole geophysics – scanning the deep

FGS Librarian Retires After 32 Years with the State of Florida

Fall 2018

Geology Underpins Land Conservation

Featured Formation - The Suwannee Limestone

Geology in ...the Real Florida ℠ - Silver Springs State Park

Additions to Well Network in FGS Backyard Provide Valuable Water Level Data

Come to our December Open House and See Why FGS Outreach Rocks!

Winter 2017

GEOFACT: Ancient Bacteria - Unexpected Fossil Find in North Florida

19th Annual Earth Science Week Open House Celebrates "Our Shared Geoheritage"

DEP Geology at Work

STATEMAP Continues to March Across Florida

FGS Acquires Former U.S. Coast Guard Vessel

Spring 2017

Lithostratigraphy: Not Just Greek for Geologists

FGS Continues Outreach Efforts Statewide

What Can the FGS Librarian Do for You?

LiDAR Continues to Shed Light in Florida

Summer 2017

V-V-V-Vibracoring: The Basic Shakedown

Formation of the Quarter: The Anastasia Formation

New Springs Discovered as Part of Pilot Study in Big Bend Wildlife Management Area

Geoscience Professionals Explore Geophysical Tool Systems

Statewide LiDAR – Cost Efficiencies Possible Through Investing

One Geologist Wearing Two Hats: The Balance Between Leadership and Science

Fall 2017

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Featured Formation: The Ocala Limestone

State Geologist Goes to China

FGS Hosts 20th Annual Earth Science Week Open House

Formation Reference Samples to be Added to Sample Repository

2016 2015 2014

Winter 2016

What Types of Rocks are Mined in Florida?

FGS Collaborates with the Florida Wildlife
Conservation Commission

Walter Schmidt Museum of Florida Geology Opens at New FGS Facility

“Visualizing Earth Systems” at 18th Annual
Earth Science Week

DEP/FGS Employee Jackie Lloyd Retires with Honors

Spring 2016

GEOFACT: Mystery Booms and Tremors: What Do They Mean?

FGS Continues Education and Outreach Efforts

Florida Geological Survey Internship Program Continues to Grow

FGS Employee Accomplishments Highlighted for 2015

Professional Geologist Administrator Retires after Thirty Years with DEP/FGS

Transportable Array Provides Geologic Insight into Earth’s Interior

Summer 2016

GEOFACT: El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Geologist-In-Training Registration Allows Declaration of a Professional Track for New Graduates

DEP/FGS Hosts 20th Annual Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop

DEP Expands FGS Geologic Sample Repository

All DEP/FGS Publications Now Online and Searchable!

Fall 2016

GEOFACT: Fulgurites - Florida's Shocking Geological Wonders

FGS Conducts Cutting-Edge Karst Data Analysis

Dead River Dye Trace a Quick Success

FGS Works with Researchers on National Science Foundation Funded Project

Employees Develop Understanding of Selves and One Another Through True Colors Training

Winter 2015

Iron and Redox Reactions in Florida Rocks

FGS Director Invests Time Serving as AASG President

Middle Suwannee Basin Dye Traces Underway

FGS Receives Grant for  Scanning and Data Development

FGS Provides Maps to National Geologic Database

Potentiometric Surface Mapping Progresses at FGS

Spring 2015

Florida's Bare Earth

FGS Moves to New Location

National Academy Report Addresses Karstic Aquifer

FGS Top Performers of 2014 Recognized

FGS Maintains Geologic Sample Repository

Summer 2015

Florida's African Connection

Earth Day 2015 Celebrated at First Annual Healthy Communities Festival

FGS Hosts Repository Tour for FSU
Environmental Science Class

New Reports from the FGS

Florida Geothermal Data Online

Fall 2015

Could Tsunamis Impact Florida?

Karst Open Research Initiative Gains Momentum, Provides Publically-Available Data for Researchers

FGS Receives National Grant to Map in Jacksonville, Florida and Completes Mapping in Orlando Area

FGS Receives Data Preservation Grant through USGS

FGS Acquires New Flow Meter for Spring Studies

FGS Says Final Farewell to Herman Gunter Building

Winter 2014

Why These Fossils?

FGS Director Speaks in China about Sinkholes, Aquifer Protection

Sinkhole Vulnerability Study Gains Attention

FGS Staff Members Receive Recognition for SHRUG Posters

Dr. Rodney DeHan Retires from FDEP/FGS

Ed and Outreach Continue as a Priority at FGS

FGS Employees Recognized with DEP Stars Award

Spring 2014

Florida Groundwater: Really "Cool" Deep Down

FGS Participates in 10th North American Paleontological Convention and Makes Fossil Donations to a Newly Established Museum

Top Performers Honored at FGS Awards Luncheon

FGS Releases New Report of Investigations

Internship Program Gains Momentum

FGS Current Projects Map Now Available on Webpage

FGS Provides Geological Support for SRWMD Aquifer Recharge Project

In Memoriam: Dr. Walter Schmidt

Summer 2014

Florida’s Oldest Rocks Exposed:
the Avon Park Formation

FGS to update Florida Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment

FGS Cooperates with Northwest Florida Water
Management District to install Monitor Wells

Florida Geoscience Workgroup Initiated

Education and Outreach Efforts Expand at FGS

Springshed Mapping Supports Agency Needs

Fall 2014

The Sands of Florida

FGS Awaits Earth Science Week Celebration for 2014

FGS Hosts Geophysical Log Interpretation Short Course

FGS Completes National Park Service-Funded Project

In Memoriam: David Anderson “Andy” Smith

2013 2012

Winter 2013

FGS continues Arsenic in Groundwater Research

Sediment Thickness Mapping Offshore of St. Lucie County

FGS Cores Over a Thousand Feet for 2011-2012 STATEMAP Projects

Dye Trace Study of Wastewater Facility Published

FGS Provides Earth Science Week Activities for Citizens

FGS Geophysical Logger is Back in Business

Ken Campbell Retires from FGS

Two FGS staff recognized as DEP Employees of the Month

Lithogeochemical Studies Conducted on Florida Rock Units

Lake Miccosukee Dye Trace: Tracing Surfacewater and Groundwater Interaction

FGS Receives National Park Service Grant

STATEMAP Program Receives Funding for Geologic Mapping

The USArray Comes to Florida

FGS Responds to Sinkhole Emergencies Following TS Debby in June 2012

When Lakes Go Dry: Floridan Aquifer Takes Surface Water

IN MEMORIAM:  Paulette Alice Bond

Spring 2013

Interest in Florida Sinkholes Launches Congressional Briefing

FGS Assists with Public Health Assessments for Contaminated Sites

Education and Outreach Opportunities Offered to Public

FGS Receives ESRI® and PCI Geomatics Natural Resources Imagery Grant

Seffner Sinkhole Incident Prompts National Media Attention

STATEMAP Program Receives Near-Record Federal Funding for Geologic Mapping

Summer 2013

FGS Receives Sinkhole Vulnerability Mapping Grant

FGS Releases Sinkhole Information 

Beach Sand Studies Aid More Efficient Desalination Process

FGS Director Named President-Elect Of National Association

Ever Wonder Why States Have Geological Surveys?

Fall 2013

FGS and FWC Conduct Southwest Florida Continental Shelf Project

Mapping Our World: FGS Celebrates Earth Science Week 2013

New Environmental Consultant Position Filled at FGS

Two New U.S. Geological Survey Publications Utilize FGS Core Data

Fall 2012 (Inaugural)

FGS Welcomed to Regulatory Programs   

FGS conducts Bird Sink Dye trace Study

 FGS Identifies Nutrient Sources for North Florida Springs 

Doug Calman awarded DEP Employee of the Month for November 

Annual Field trip Successful for USF Students

Investigation of Offshore Area Along Florida’s Northeast
and Central East Coast

Atlas of Florida's Beach Sediments Completed

Website Survey Tool Encourages Customer Feedback

STATEMAP Program Completes Mapping in Inverness Area

STATEMAP Program Receives Record Funding Amount

STATEMAP Program Develops a New Mobile GIS Platform for Geologic Mapping 

Florida State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) Meeting Held 

Deep Coring Project Complete in Broward County with USGS Partners

Describing More Than a Mile of Core in Southwest Florida  

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