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IT Standards

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​Standards, Guidelines, Specifications and Templates

The DEP Information Technology (IT) Standards Library contains IT standards, guidelines, technical environment specifications and templates in use at DEP.   

  • Standards (STD): a prescribed procedure, approach, solution, methodology, product or protocol that must be followed. DEP IT standards are applicable agency-wide and may address application development and implementation, project management, operations and systems or security standards.  All DEP IT standards are implemented under the umbrella of DEP Directives 370 and 390.   
  • Guidance Documents (GDE): reference and support material to help users apply or meet a standard.  While guidance documents are not required to be followed, doing so can help insure that the standard requirements are met for a specific standard subject-area.
  • Technical Environment Specifications (SPC):  documented details about the DEP computing environment. A technical environment specification may be a diagram, schematic or textual description of some aspect of the DEP computing environment. 
  • Templates (TMP):  provided to enable users to carry-out some aspect of a standard. 

IT Standards Library

File Name Document Title Document Description Revision Date File Size
GDE-09061802.1.0 JEE User Interface Guidelines This document provides guidelines for developing JEE user interfaces. These guidelines do not pertain to map or hand-held applications. 6/18/2009 4.49 MB
GDE-11051301.1.0 Portal Authentication Filter:  Quick Start Guide A quick-start tutorial on the use of the DEP Portal Authentication Filter.  5/13/2011 72.89 KB
SPC-09061803.1.2 Core Component Compliance Level Specification This specification identifies a detailed list of core components with their supported standards level and associated Java Specification Request (JSR) as supported by DEP’s Oracle Fusion Middleware suite. 4/1/2014 52.58 KB
STD-07092501.4.0 Logical Data Modeling Standards The standard contains requirements for Logical Data Models at DEP. 4/21/2016 144.69 KB
STD-09061802.2.0 Software Development Environment Standard This document describes the DEP Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Software Development Environment standard. 3/15/2011 65.78 KB
STD–09061804.1.0 JEE Testing Standard This standard specifies the testing requirements for JEE applications deployed at DEP. 6/18/2009 1.17 MB
STD-09061805.2.0 Physical Data Modeling Standard This document specifies DEP's Physical Data Modeling Standard and applies to all database schema development at DEP.   4/21/2016 175.95 KB
STD-09061806.3.0 JEE Security Framework Standard * This document specifies the DEP's JEE Security Framework Standard. It provides the specifications for securing a JEE application within the DEP environment. 5/28/2011 69.5 KB
STD-09061807.2.0 Software Build Environment Standard This standard specifies DEP's Software Build Environment requirements.  It ensures that applications delivered to the DEP environment are structured to function with all versioning, reporting and build components. 4/1/2010 62.3 KB
STD-09061808.1.0 Software Analysis & Design Standard This standard contains analysis and design requirements for all vendor executed software implementation projects and activities. 6/18/2009 65.55 KB
STD-09061809.1.2 Transition to Operations Standard This standard specifies the necessary information to successfully transition an application from development to operations. 7/15/2011 59.16 KB
STD-09061810.3.0 Java Application Naming Standard This document specifies the requirements for naming Java applications developed for DEP. 5/28/2011 62.51 KB
STD-09061811.1.1 GIS Location Data Standard This document specifies DEP's Geographic Information Systems Location Data Standard and applies to all database schema development at DEP. 7/31/2014 82.47 KB
STD-09061812.2.0 Portal Standard This document specifies the DEP Portal Standard and provides specifications for integrating with the DEP Portal page, DEP Portlets and Oracle Internet Directory (OID) Security. 4/1/2010 754.76 KB
STD-09061814.1.0 GIS Development Standard This standard contains the DEP's requirements for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software development standard.  6/18/2009 60.22 KB
STD–09061815.1.0 Java Coding Standard This standard specifies the code conventions for DEP Java software applications.  6/18/2009 43.12 KB
STD-09061816.4.0 Java Application Deployment Standard This standard defines the process and notification deadlines for deploying new or updated applications. It applies to setting up Java applications in development & deploying those applications to the Integration, Pre-Production & Production environments 8/29/2014 71.11 KB
STD-14121501.2.0 Database Object Coding Standard This document specifies DEP's Database Object Coding Standards. 9/2/2015 73.02 KB
STD-15092501.2.0 PHP Software Development Standard This document describes the DEP PHP Software Development Standard 4/15/2019 202 KB
TMP-09061801.1.0 Impact Assessment Summary Template Use this template to complete an Impact Assessment Summary, which is a required element of the JEE Software Development Environment Standard. 6/18/2009 58.95 KB
TMP-09061802.3.0 Database Migration Package Template Use this template for all applications that require database setup. 7/6/2016 176.2 KB
TMP-09061803.3.1 Application Setup Request Form Use this template for all JEE applications to request development Middle Tier Application Server setup as specified in the Java Application Deployment Standard. 2/20/2012 63.74 KB
TMP-10040101.2.0 Middle Tier Beta/Prod Migration Package Use this template for all JEE applications that require Beta and Production Middle Tier Application Server setup, according to the JEE Software Development Environment Standard.     5/13/2011 75.45 KB
File Name Document Title Document Description Revision Date File Size
STD-170123.1.0 Accessibility Standard for Electronic Document Deliverables This document specifies the DEP accessibility requirements for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) electronic document deliverables provided by vendors as part of an IT contracted activity. 1/23/2017 699.85 KB
STD-09052701.2.1 Project Management Standard for Contractor Managed Projects This standard contains project management requirements for projects that are being managed solely by consulting firms. 7/31/2017 75.4 KB
STD-11061801.2.0 Project Management Standard for DEP-Managed Projects * This standard contains project management requirements for projects that are managed by DEP. 6/15/2017 82.7 KB
File Name Document Title Document Description Revision Date File Size
SPC-09061802.2.0 IT Infrastructure Environment Specification This document specifies the enterprise information technology products currently supported at DEP. 6/15/2017 58.85 KB
STD – 10081801.1.2 DEP Backup Standard – Production Data * This standard pertains to the protection of data on DEP file shares, production servers & enterprise Oracle databases. 7/30/2014 56.7 KB
STD –10091501.2.1 Website Development and Usage Standard * This document outlines DEP's Web Usage and Development Standards for development, management, maintenance and publication of DEP Websites and the permissions to access the servers housing those websites. 11/22/2017 1.19 MB
STD-09061813.1.0 Application Security Standard * This document specifies minimum security requirements for all software applications deployed in the DEP environment, whether those applications are developed internally or by external vendors. This standard also applies to commercial “off-the-shelf” software products. 6/18/2009 64.5 KB
STD-10021617.2.1 SharePoint Development and Usage Standard * This document specifies the DEP SharePoint standard for creating, managing and maintaining SharePoint sites at DEP. 3/16/2016 999 KB
STD-11122701.1.0 Virus Protection Service * This standard specifies the virus protection services and policies designed to protect agency resources against intrusion by viruses and other malware. 12/27/2011 70.7 KB
STD-12032701.1.1 Wireless Security Standard * This document establishes the standards that must be met when wireless communications equipment is connected to the DEP network. 4/30/2014 51.7 KB
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