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Florida Greenways and Trails System Plan and Maps Update

The Office of Greenways and Trails (OGT) is updating the Florida Greenways and Trails System (FGTS) Plan and the Opportunity and Priority Maps and is seeking input!

The FGTS Plan establishes the vision for implementing a connected statewide system of greenways and trails for recreation, conservation, alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles, a vibrant economy and a high quality of life. The original FGTS Plan was completed in 1998 and adopted by the Florida Legislature in 1999, laying the groundwork for many programs, projects and initiatives which exist today. The FGTS Plan and Priority Maps were last updated in 2012 and the visioning maps (Opportunity Maps) updated in 2015. The updated FGTS Plan and maps will guide implementation of the connected statewide trail system from 2018 through 2022.

The FGTS Plan and maps are being updated in 2016 through 2017 through a step by step schedule. The OGT is reaching out to you and others involved in trail planning to receive input on both the Opportunity and Priority land and paddling trail maps. The FGTS Plan ties together the local, regional and state plans and collaborative efforts for greenways and trails, bicycle and pedestrian, master plans and other plans of communities, agencies and non-profits throughout Florida to create three levels of FGTS maps:

  • Level 1 - The Vision: Land Trail and Paddling Trail Opportunity Maps.
  • Level 2 - Priority Trails Map: The spine of a statewide system identified from the Opportunity Maps and the Florida Ecological Greenways Network Map.
  • Level 3 - Priority Trails Status: Each corridor’s status is identified as existing, gap, or programmed/funded. The needs of each segment are identified such as acquisition and maintenance, including repaving.

For each Opportunity and Priority Trail corridor, we need to verify the corridor’s alignment and make a determination as to whether the corridor should be kept, modified or deleted. Additionally, we would like to obtain information as to the status of each corridor (existing, gap, or programmed/funded) and the need (acquisition or maintenance, including repaving etc.) To assist in this effort, please utilize one of the tools below:

  1. Look at the 2012 Priority Maps and 2015 Opportunity Maps interactively through FDEP’s Map Direct Gallery.  Help documents for this tool are available by clicking on the “?” button that appears at the top of the Map Direct window in your web browser.
  2. View maps on this page of the draft Priority and Opportunity Maps (see links below)
  3. Download shapefiles or KML files of the draft Priority and Opportunity Trails. Here is a description of the attribute fields in the GIS feature class for the FGTS land system.

To submit updates, OGT prefers to receive maps and shapefiles electronically, along with a narrative of the status and need for each corridor. Please submit files or if you have questions, please contact your OGT Regional Coordinator:

Please provide your updates as soon as possible, but on or before June 30, 2017. We look forward to working with you on the 2016 update to the FGTS Plan, Opportunity and Priority maps. See the update schedule below:

Land Trail Opportunity Maps (last updated 9/30/16) Paddling Trail Opportunity Maps (last updated 9/30/16)
Northwest     Northwest
Northeast    Northeast
North Central    North Central
East Central     East Central
West Central    West Central
Southern Southern

Schedule outlining steps for the update

Learn more about the existing 2013-2017 FGTS Plan. Return to the Office of Greenways and Trails Home Page.

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