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Greenbook Index

The Florida Geological Survey holds a collection of 150 binders known as "Greenbooks," which contain historic drillers' logs and lithologic descriptions from boreholes W-1 through W-17999, wgi-1 through wgi-3203, and auger samples AS-2 through AS-352.  Addtional descriptions can be found in this collection for select boreholes between W-18000 through W-18987. In 2017, all 150 binders were scanned. The following are a list of the individual books and the pdf files that can be downloaded. Please note that the file sizes range from 2.2MB to 220MB.

FGS Geologic Data

The Florida Geological Survey holds multiple geologic collections including borehole samples, hand specimens, and fossil specimens. There are multiple sources of geologic information associated with these collections. Please see below for more information about each one and the data available.


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