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Beaches and Coastal Systems Rules & Statutes

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Chapter Title Description
62B-26 Metes and Bounds Descriptions of Coastal Construction Control Lines The legal description of the location of the Coastal Construction Control Lines in the coastal counties of Florida.
62B-33 Rules and Procedures for Coastal Construction and Excavation (Permits for Construction Seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line and Fifty-Foot Setback) Rules and procedures to obtain Permits for construction seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line
62B-34 General Permits for Activities Seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line Implement the provisions of Section 161.053(19), F.S., providing General Permit for activities performed seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line.
62B-36 Beach Management Funding Assistance Program Governs policy on the ranking and cost sharing of state-funded restoration and inlet management projects. Provides procedures for executing a comprehensive, long-range, statewide beach management plan for the protection of Florida's critically eroded shoreline.
62B-41 Rules and Procedures for Application for Coastal Construction Permits Contains criteria and procedure for obtaining a Coastal Construction permit.
62B-49 Contains criteria and procedures for obtaining a Joint Coastal Permit Contains the rules and procedures for obtaining a Joint Coastal Permit pursuant to Section 161.055, Florida Statutes.
62B-54 Administrative Fines and Damage Liability Provides a method for determining the amount of fines or damages to be assessed for violations pursuant to 161.054 FS, and the procedure for imposing and collecting such fines or damages.
62B-55 Model Lighting Ordinance for Marine Turtle Protection Designates coastal areas utilized, or likely to be utilized, by sea turtles for nesting, and to establish guidelines for local government regulations that control beachfront lighting to protect hatching sea turtles.
62B-56 Rules and Procedures for Using Sand-Filled Geotextile Dune Cores (Permits for Construction and Maintenance) Provide the criteria for constructing and maintaining sand-filled geotextile containers used as dune core structures for coastal armoring.
Chapter 161 F.S Beach and Shore Preservation Coastal construction and coastal protection.
Chapter 253 F.S. State Lands All lands owned by the State, including sovereignty submerged lands.
Chapter 258 F.S. State Parks and Preserves State parks, aquatic preserves and wild and scenic rivers.
Chapter 373 F.S. Water Resources State’s surface water and ground water resources.

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