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Florida Coastal Management Program

The Florida Coastal Management Program is based on a network of agencies implementing 24 statutes that protect and enhance the state's natural, cultural and economic coastal resources. The program's goal is to coordinate local, state and federal agency activities using existing laws to ensure that Florida's coast is as valuable to future generations as it is today. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for directing the implementation of the statewide coastal management program.

Grant Spotlight

Florida Coastal Management Program (FCMP) launches assessment to develop new, innovative projects

Every five years, FCMP undergoes an assessment that allows its partner state agencies to brainstorm new and inventive projects to help continue to enhance and improve coastal management in Florida, and these state agencies can even submit these pioneering ideas for funding through the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA). Some of the projects funded in previous efforts helped Aquatic Preserves from across the state implement their management plans, allowing for even better management of sensitive coastal resources. Another project allowed local communities new opportunities to enhance coastal resilience planning, allowing these areas to be more prepared for future threats.

This assessment is governed by Section 309 of the federal CZMA, and the process allows FCMP to further understand and improve the effectiveness of existing coastal management efforts. The foundation for this new round of forward-thinking projects began with a kick-off meeting between FCMP staff, its network of state agencies, and federal partners in September. We look forward to seeing what’s next for the future of coastal management in Florida as FCMP and its partners move ahead with the assessment.


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