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About the Florida Coastal Management Program

The federally approved Florida Coastal Management Program (FCMP) coordinates a number of coastal management activities with DEP programs, state agencies, water management districts and local governments that have responsibilities for managing coastal resources. The FCMP has two fundamental goals: protecting coastal resources and helping Floridians maintain vital communities. FCMP activities are implemented through program support projects, special initiatives, grant programs and coordinated reviews of federal activities for consistency with the statutory authorities in the FCMP.

Florida Coastal Management Program Projects

The FCMP Support Unit in the Florida Coastal Office conducts a number of projects and activities that maintain the legal framework of the FCMP and carries out special projects and initiatives, many of which are required or encouraged by state and federal law. Activities are conducted in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and state and federal agencies.

Grant Administration

The Florida Coastal Management Program makes funds available as pass-through grants to state agencies, water management districts and local coastal governments for priority projects that protect coastal resources and communities. In some cases, public colleges and universities, regional planning councils, national estuary programs and nonprofit groups may be eligible for grants in partnership with eligible applicants.

Federal Consistency

Under Section 307 of the federal Coastal Zone Management Act, certain federal activities affecting Florida's coastal resources are subject to review for consistency with the 24 Florida statutes that comprise the Florida Coastal Management Program. The Florida Coastal Management Program oversees the implementation of federal consistency requirements through the following processes:

  • The Office of Intergovernmental Programs administers the Florida State Clearinghouse (SCH), which coordinates the state's review of federal activities for consistency with state laws and policies and provides comments to federal agencies and applicants in accordance with Presidential Executive Order 12372, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act and other federal laws and policies. Comments from applicable state, regional and local government agencies are compiled by the SCH and sent to the applicant and federal agency along with recommendations for compliance with state laws and policies.
  • Consistency reviews of projects located in federal offshore waters, including oil and gas leasing and development activities conducted under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, are coordinated through the Office of Intergovernmental Program's Offshore Projects Section. Consistency reviews of environmental resource and wetland resource permits issued pursuant to Chapter 373, Part IV, Florida Statutes, are conducted in conjunction with the processing of permit applications by the Department of Environmental Protection and the water management districts' environmental resource permit programs.
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