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FCMP Beach Safety Flag and Sign Ordering Information

Beach Safety Flags and Signs 

Each year and as funding is available, the Florida Coastal Management Program (FCMP) offers flags and signs free of charge to Florida's coastal communities and government agencies to:

  • Promote beach safety.
  • Protect the state's fragile coastal environment.
  • Facilitate public access to the coast's cultural, historical and natural resources.

What is available?
FCMP Rip Current Safety Sign Example
FCMP Beach Warning Flag Interpretive Sign Example
FCMP Beach Access Sign Example

Who can order?*

  • Florida's state government agencies
  • Florida's local governments
  • Other governmental entities that provide public access to the coast in Florida.

*Grant funding does not permit the FCMP to provide signs or flags to out-of-state or non-governmental entities.

Beach Flag and Sign at a Beach Access Point near Ormand Beach, FL
Things to know before you order:

  • All signs and flags must be posted in public access areas within the state of Florida.
  • Your agency is responsible for proper installation, use and maintenance.
  • To determine the number of signs and flags you will need to:
  1. Assess your immediate needs.
  2. Estimate unanticipated needs for the upcoming year due to theft, vandalism or weather damage.

Be prepared to identify the physical location where flags and/or signs will be posted.

  • The location of signs and flags is important information used by the FCMP and NOAA to track public access in Florida.
  • All posting locations should be at public access areas.
  • Locations should be identified with a physical description such as:
  • "Dune walkover @ A1A and 95th Street"
  • "Lifeguard Towers 1-5 @ Gulf Beach County on Scenic Highway"


Holly Edmond, Florida Coastal Management Program
2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 235
Tallahassee, FL, 32399-2400

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