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Division of State Lands (General)

FAQ: Buying Land from the State

Frequently Asked Question about Buying Land from the State

Q. Is there a list of all state-owned lands that are available for sale?
A. Yes. See Buy Land from the State under the State Lands Quick Links for a complete list of properties for bid or sale.
Q. Why can’t an individual buy property that has been purchased for conservation? It doesn’t appear to be used by the Department of Environmental Protection.

FAQ: Land Stewardship

Q. How do I report suspicious activity (i.e., dumping) that may be affecting the environment?
A. Dial #DEP on a cell phone or call 1-877-2-Save-FL. Appropriate law enforcement offices will be notified.
Q: How can I determine if there are conservation lands in a particular area?
A: Visit and click on Interactive Map under Conservation Lands for a location map.
Q: When are land management plans due?


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