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Chapter 62-701, F.A.C.-Rulemaking

Rules 62-701.510 and 62-701.730, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)

The Division of Waste Management is in rule development to revise Rules 62-701.510 and 62-701.730, F.A.C., by including supplemental minimum water quality monitoring parameters which the Department has determined to be protective of water resources. This rulemaking is on hold pending appointments to the Florida Environmental Regulation Commission.

CCR Rulemaking (Complete)

The Division of Waste Management is currently in rule development to create two new rules which will adopt the requirements in 40 CFR Part 257.50 through 257.107, “Standards for the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals in Landfills and Surface Impoundments” into Chapter 62-701, Florida Administrative Code, and establishing the procedures by which Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) permits will be issued to facilities in Florida that are currently required to comply with the requirements in 40 CFR Part 257.50 through 257.107.

Final Rules (2nd Rulemaking)

  • Chapter 62-701, F.A.C. 
    • Rule 62-701.804, F.A.C. - Effective 6/9/22
    • Rules 62-701.805 and 62-701.900, F.A.C. - Effective 8/16/22

CCR Rule 62-701.804, F.A.C., Amendments (Fast Track)

 CCR Rules 62-701.805 and 62-701.900, F.A.C., Amendments

Final Rules

  • Chapter 62-701, F.A.C. 
    • Rules 62-701.220, 62-701.310 and  62-701.804, F.A.C. - Effective 3/1/22
    • Rules 62-701.805 and 62-701.900, F.A.C. - Effective 3/9/22

Second Notice of Change 

CCR Rulemaking 2nd Public Hearing on Rules 62-701.805 and 62-701.900, F.A.C. 

Additional Comments 

CCR Rulemaking Public Hearing

Rulemaking Documents

Comments Received Since Notice of Proposed Rule

Solid Waste Contacts

A GoToWebinar was held on Friday, June 26, 2020. The comment deadline was July 13, 2020.

    Phase III Changes

    Additional notice information is posted on the department's webpage.

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