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Florida Recycling Statutes and Rules

Florida Rules Related to Recycling

  • 62-701.730: Construction & Demolition Debris Disposal And Recycling
  • 62-716: Solid Waste Grants Program
  • 62-722: Regulation Of Recovered Materials

Florida Statutes Regarding Recycling

  • Section 366.91: This section contains the definition of renewable energy. This is important because the 75 percent recycling goal includes any "solid waste used for the production of renewable energy." What is defined as renewable energy can have a major impact on reaching the goal.
  • Section 403.061: Department of Environmental Protection; powers and duties.
  • Section 403.703: This section includes various definitions dealing with solid waste and recycling.
  • Section 403.7032: This section sets the 75 percent statewide recycling goal. It also directs public entities (schools, state and local public agencies) to report the amount they recycle annually to their counties. Private businesses are encouraged (but not mandated) to report the amount they recycle to their counties. It also directs DEP to recognize successful recycling efforts by schools, businesses, public groups and private citizens. Finally, the section directs DEP to create the Recycling Business Assistance Center.
  • Section 403.7033: Update of the 2010 Retail Bags Report.
  • Section 403.7046: Regulation of Recovered Materials.
  • Section 403.705: State solid waste management program.
  • Section 403.706: This section contains the new recycling goals passed by the Legislature in 2010. The goal was modified to include renewable energy. Also, the goals are for municipal solid waste (MSW). MSW is a subset of all solid waste and is defined in subsection (5) as specifically excluding sludge as well as waste from industrial, mining and agricultural operations.
  • Section 403.7065: Procurement of products or materials with recycled content.
  • Section 403.707: This section contains the language requiring that to the extent economically feasible, all construction and demolition debris must be processed prior to disposal, either at a permitted materials recovery facility or at a permitted disposal facility.
  • Section 403.708: This section, modified by the Legislature in 2010, allows for yard trash to be accepted at a Class I landfill if it uses an active gas collection system to collect landfill gas generated at the disposal facility and provides or arranges for a beneficial use of the gas. It also includes language that states that a Class I landfill may also accept yard trash for the purpose of mulching and using to provide landfill cover. The department shall, by rule, develop and adopt a methodology to award recycling credit for the use or disposal of yard trash at a Class I landfill having a gas-collection system that makes beneficial use of the collected landfill gas. That methodology is part of the 62-716 rule revision process.
  • Section 403.709: Solid Waste Management Trust Fund; use of waste tire fee moneys; waste tire site management.
  • Section 403.7095: Solid waste management grant program.
  • Section 403.714: Duties of state agencies.
  • Section 403.7145: Recycling in state agencies.
  • Section 403.716: Training of Operators of Solid Waste Management and Other Facilities.

Timeline for Florida Solid Waste Reduction Legislative Changes (1988-2008)

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