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Please contact with any grant questions. 

The Resilient Florida Program includes a selection of grants that are available to counties, municipalities, water management districts, flood control districts and regional resilience entities. To effectively address the impacts of flooding and sea level rise that the state faces, eligible applicants may receive funding assistance to analyze and plan for vulnerabilities, as well as implement projects for adaptation and mitigation. 

Please refer to section 380.093, F.S., for more information on the eligible project and grant types and the requirements to apply.

Applications submitted for funding consideration require a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that funds are allocated timely and appropriately and pursuant to Florida Statute. Additional funding awards will be provided when it becomes available.

Sign up for general grant updates through the Protecting Florida Together grant portal.

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The Application Portal for 2022 is now closed and will open again in spring 2023. Contact with any questions.

Planning projects and regional resilience entity projects: Applications accepted May 1 - Sept. 1, 2022. 

  • Communities that have yet to perform a vulnerability assessment pursuant to statutory requirements will be prioritized for funding.
  • Projects will be funded with Fiscal Year 2022-23 funds.

Implementation projects to be included in the Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan: Applications accepted July 1 - Sept. 1, 2022.

  • Local governments are eligible to apply for implementation project funding after conducting a vulnerability assessment, evaluation, report, or other similar document that demonstrates a risk of flooding or risks due to sea level rise to a critical asset or the project area. Beginning in 2024, a Vulnerability Assessment meeting the requirements of section 380.093, F.S., will be a requirement to receive funding.
  • Projects will be funded with Fiscal Year 2022-23 and 2023-24 funds.

Resources for Applicants

Projects Awarded under the Resilient Florida Grant Program

The submitted applications from 2021 are available for viewing. ResilientFlorida is the password to access the folder.

Fiscal Year 2021-22

Fiscal Year 2022-23


Map of Resilient Florida Statewide Project location

Note: The Federal Funded (ARPA) projects are referring to the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Resilient Florida Program Grants

Current Grantee

Grant Documents for Resilient Florida Program 

Resources for Grantees

Please reach out to with any grant questions. 

Grantees for the Resilient Florida Program can access current grant agreement attachments and exhibits from the table below. Each payment request must be submitted on the current Exhibit C. The program will notify grantees of any substantial changes to the attachments and exhibits that occur during the grant agreement period.

Document Name Description Revised Date
Attachment 6 Program-Specific Requirements 2/11/2022
Exhibit A for Planning Grants Quarterly Progress Report Form to be used for Planning (PLN) and Regional Resilience Entity (RRE) grants 11/17/2021
Exhibit A for Implementation Grants Quarterly Progress Report Form to be used for State Resilience Plan (SRP) and Federal Resilience Plan (FRP) Implementation grants 1/10/2023
Exhibit C Payment Request Form 12/7/2022
Exhibit F Final Report Form 11/18/2021
Exhibit G Photographer Release Form 11/19/2021
Exhibit H Contractual Services Certification N/A
Exhibit I Vulnerability Assessment Compliance Checklist Certification 1/18/2023
Grantee Quick Reference Guide Guidance for current grantees on grant attachments, exhibits, and requirements. 12/12/2022

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