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Water Supply Restoration

Well head with the equipment and point of entry filter system.

Created by the Legislature in the mid-1980s after the discovery of Ethylene Di-Bromide (EDB), a carcinogenic agricultural pesticide, in private drinking water wells, the Water Supply Restoration Funding Program continues to be funded by the Water Quality Assurance Trust Fund and the Inland Protection Trust Fund for the restoration of safe drinking water to well owners impacted with potential health hazards due to man-made contamination.


To qualify, water sampling results must show that the man-made contaminant(s) in the drinking water supply exceeds a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL), or Health Advisory Level (HAL) or be determined by the Florida Department of Health to be a health hazard. Section 376.30(3)(c)1., Florida Statutes, requires the program to select the most cost-effective alternative. Approved funding will pay the total cost for the selected alternative. Restoration and replacement work has been conducted in almost every county throughout the state.

How to Apply

There are three primary methods to provide safe drinking water at no cost to well owners as long as funding is available and the contamination identified in the potable water well persists.

  1. If there is a public water system, funding could be provided to replace the drinking water supply with a connection to the public water system. The well owner would then be responsible for paying any utility deposit and the monthly water bills.
  2. If connection to a public water system is not possible, funding could be provided to install and maintain a filter system(s) to remove the contaminant(s) from the existing water supply.
  3. A bottled-water delivery service may be set up.

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