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Regional Operation Centers

The Water Quality Monitoring Program (WQMP) Regional Operation Centers (ROCs) primary responsibility is providing logistical support to fulfill the data collection requirements for the Status and Trend Monitoring Networksand the Strategic Monitoring Plan. Additionally, ROC staff may assist with the data collection needs of projects, such as algal bloom response, total maximum daily loads, basin management action plans and others as deemed appropriate by the division. The ROCs are located within DEP's district boundaries.  The monitoring locations for many of these projects can be viewed in real-time on the Water Quality Monitoring Events page. When ROC staff visit a monitoring location and enter the data into an electronic survey application, it is displayed in real time. Algal bloom response visits are displayed in the same manner on the Algal Bloom Dashboard.

DEP DEAR The Water Quality Monitoring Program (WQMP) Regional Operation Centers (ROCs) Office Map 2024

The three offices in the north region of the state have one manager and the four offices in the south region have another manager. Each office also has a local team lead.

North Regional Operational Center

South Regional Operation Center

Main Contacts 

Northwest Office (NW)
160 W. Government St., Suite 308
Pensacola, FL 32502-5794
Team Lead: Stopher Slade
Tallahassee Office (TLH)
2600 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Team Lead: Mike Eckles
Northeast  Office (NE)
8800 Baymeadows Way W., Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Team Lead: Jeremy Parrish
Central Office (CE)
3319 Maguire Blvd., Suite 232
Orlando, FL 32803
Team Lead: Matthew Bearden
Southwest Office (SW)
13051 N. Telecom Parkway
Temple Terrace, FL 33637
Team Lead: Ken Turman
South Office (SO)
2295 Victoria Ave., Suite 364
Fort Myers, FL 33902-2549
Team Lead: Nicole Reistad
Southeast Office (SE)
2199 S. Rock Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34945
Team Lead: Jordan Skaggs
Mike King
NW, TLH, NE                        
Environmental Administrator
Office Phone

Sarah Meyer
Environmental Administrator
Office Phone

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