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Core and Cuttings Repository

The well sample collection in the Florida Geological Survey repository contains more than 19,600 sets of samples from exploration, water and oil wells. Most wells are represented by sets of drill cuttings. Approximately 1,150 wells are represented by continuous core or core samples (a total of approximately 205,000 feet). The deepest continuous core in Florida, 2,810 feet, is housed in the FGS repository. The FGS, U.S. Geological Survey, water management districts, drillers and geologic consultants drill new core and cuttings sample sets that are added to our archives. The sample repository facility occupies 12,000 square feet, with approximately 45,000 cubic feet of shelf space. The most recent expansion was completed in April 2016, increasing sample storage space by almost 10,000 cubic feet.

The FGS also maintains paper and digital collections of geophysical logs for many of the wells represented in the FGS core and cuttings repositories. See the Data and Maps page for details.

If you are sending samples to the FGS, please fill out and include a copy of our Well Sample Form. If you are conducting an investigation requiring the destructive sampling of FGS well cuttings, cores, core chips, or outcrop samples, please see our Repository Sampling Policy for proposal guidelines.

Collection Viewing by Appointment only

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (EST)
Offices closed for all State of Florida Holidays

To obtain information about the FGS core and cuttings repository holdings or to arrange a visit, please contact one of the following: 850-245.3124 850-245.3131
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