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Office of Business Planning Publications

Name Size
111(d) Final CISWI State Plan Submittal 7.77 MB (.pdf)
111(d) MSW Landfill Pre-Hearing Letter to EPA 66.1 KB (.pdf)
111(d) MSW Landfill State Plan Pre-Hearing Submittal 10.62 MB (.pdf)
111(d) State Plan Pre-Hearing CISWI Submittal 3.94 MB (.pdf)
2019 Florida Ongoing Data Requirements Annual Report 17.31 MB (.pdf)
2020 Florida Ongoing Data Requirements Annual Report 5.13 MB (.pdf)
2021 Florida Ongoing Data Requirements Annual Report 9.29 MB (.pdf)
2021 Hillsborough-Polk Verification of Continued Attainment Annual Report 1.63 MB (.pdf)
Adoption-by-Reference Summary Table: April 2020 through July 2021 305.57 KB (.pdf)
Adoption-by-Reference Summary Table: May 2019 through March 2020 150.32 KB (.pdf)
Air Regulation Effective Date Timelines (CFR and FAC) 329.19 KB (.xlsx)
Air Regulatory Projects Update 261.35 KB (.pdf)
Appendix F-1, Florida State-to-State Consultation 584.97 KB (.pdf)
Appendix F-4, MANE-VU Consultation 1.92 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-1, Reasonable Progress Analysis Requests to Facilities 590.03 KB (.pdf)
Appendix G-2, Reasonable Progress Analysis Facilities Response Letters 14.47 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-3, Facility Permits and Documentation 6.07 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-4, State of Florida Certified Smoke Management Plan 2.11 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-5, Retired Unit Exemption Form/Permanent Shutdown Information 4.18 MB (.pdf)
Appendix H, Federal Land Manager Consultation Documentation 10.49 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-1, Regional Haze SIP - Public Comments from the Florida Clinicians for Climate Action 227.58 KB (.pdf)
Appendix I-2, Public Comments from the National Parks Conservation Association, Coalition to Protect America's National Parks and Sierra Club 25.88 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-3, Regional Haze SIP - Public Comment via Email Campaign 1.67 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-4, Regional Haze SIP - Public Hearing Summary 586.93 KB (.pdf)
Appendix I-5, Regional Haze SIP - Response to Public Comments 351.68 KB (.pdf)


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