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Office of Business Planning Publications

Name Size
111(d) Final CISWI State Plan Submittal 7.77 MB (.pdf)
111(d) MSW Landfill Pre-Hearing Letter to EPA 66.1 KB (.pdf)
111(d) MSW Landfill State Plan Pre-Hearing Submittal 10.62 MB (.pdf)
111(d) State Plan Pre-Hearing CISWI Submittal 3.94 MB (.pdf)
2019 Florida Ongoing Data Requirements Annual Report 17.31 MB (.pdf)
2020 Florida Ongoing Data Requirements Annual Report 5.13 MB (.pdf)
Adoption-by-Reference Summary Table: April 2020 through July 2021 305.57 KB (.pdf)
Adoption-by-Reference Summary Table: May 2019 through March 2020 150.32 KB (.pdf)
Air Regulation Effective Date Timelines (CFR and FAC) 329.19 KB (.xlsx)
Air Regulatory Projects Update 273.76 KB (.pdf)
Appendix F-1, Florida State-to-State Consultation 584.97 KB (.pdf)
Appendix F-4, MANE-VU Consultation 1.92 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-1, Reasonable Progress Analysis Requests to Facilities 590.03 KB (.pdf)
Appendix G-2, Reasonable Progress Analysis Facilities Response Letters 14.47 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-3, Facility Permits and Documentation 6.07 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-4, State of Florida Certified Smoke Management Plan 2.11 MB (.pdf)
Appendix G-5, Retired Unit Exemption Form/Permanent Shutdown Information 4.18 MB (.pdf)
Appendix H, Federal Land Manager Consultation Documentation 10.49 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-1, Regional Haze SIP - Public Comments from the Florida Clinicians for Climate Action 227.58 KB (.pdf)
Appendix I-2, Public Comments from the National Parks Conservation Association, Coalition to Protect America's National Parks and Sierra Club 25.88 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-3, Regional Haze SIP - Public Comment via Email Campaign 1.67 MB (.pdf)
Appendix I-4, Regional Haze SIP - Public Hearing Summary 586.93 KB (.pdf)
Appendix I-5, Regional Haze SIP - Response to Public Comments 351.68 KB (.pdf)
Chapter 62-296, F.A.C., Notices of Change and Correction 252.51 KB (.pdf)
CISWI 111(d) State Plan Pre-Hearing Submittal 5.71 MB (.pdf)


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