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Clean Marina - FAQ

How does a facility become a Clean Marina, Clean Boatyard or Clean Marine Retailer?

To obtain Florida Clean Marina designation, facilities must submit a Clean Marina Application and Pledge, complete a Clean Marina Action Plan and carry out an environmental review with a Clean Marina coordinator. During this process, a facility must meet all environmental criteria outlined in the Florida Clean Marina Program Guidebook.

Visit Simple Steps to Designation for a detailed outline on the application and renewal processes. 

Who can participate in the Florida Clean Marina Program?

The Florida Clean Marina Program encourages all marinas, boatyards, marine retailers, yacht clubs and military marinas throughout the state to participate.

For information on program qualifications, visit Simple Steps to Designation.

Why is it important to become a designated facility?

There is a direct link between Florida's water quality and the marine industry, making clean water essential to the livelihood and wellbeing of communities. By becoming a designated location, facilities pledge to maintain and improve the state’s waterways by reducing or eliminating the release of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments. 

With thousands of recreational boating facilities, mariner vessels and ecotourism opportunities in the state of Florida, the implementation of environmental best management practices within the marina community is crucial to preserving the state’s natural resources.

What are the benefits of being a clean facility?

Once a facility has completed the designation process, there are many benefits to be gained from becoming certified by the Florida Clean Marina Program. These include:

  • A 10% discount on state land lease fees.
  • A high quality, domestically manufactured Clean Marina Program flag to display on location.
  • The Florida Clean Marina Program certification plaque.
  • Access to electronic materials including the Clean Marina logo, advertisement templates and more.
  • Compliance and technical assistance from program coordinators when seeking certification and recertification.
  • Enhanced public image by incorporating environmentally-sound practices that improve marina aesthetics.
  • Reduced pollution originating from marina operations and improved water quality in Florida’s waterways.
  • Financial savings from adopting cost-effective best management practices, such as oil recycling and energy efficiency.
  • Reduction in environmental liability insurance premiums.
  • Free publicity through program promotions, newsletters, workshops and Florida Clean Marina marketing.
  • Promotion on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s website.

How many facilities are currently designated in Florida?

Currently there are 327 Clean Marina, 48 Clean Boatyard, 23 Clean Marine Retailer and 30 Clean and Resilient Marina designations.

To explore the list of certified facilities, visit Designated Clean Marinas

Is the Clean Marina Program a part of the Clean Vessel Act Program?

The Clean Marina Program (CMP) and the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) have distinct functions. CMP exists as a voluntary, proactive program that assists facilities in adopting environmental best management practices to assist with pollution prevention throughout the state of Florida. CVA provides funding assistance for the purchase, installation and maintenance of pumpout equipment in Florida marinas.

For more information on the CVA Program, explore About the Clean Vessel Act

Is there information I can distribute to boaters at my facility?

The Clean Marina Program provides many educational materials for facilities and their patrons. The Clean Boating Habits booklet is available upon request and can be downloaded for distribution. This convenient document contains tips on clean boating, sewage management, petroleum control and waste management, and impacts on aquatic plants. In addition, CMP facilities are encouraged to educate visitors on the Clean Boater Program

What is the difference between a Clean Marina and a Clean & Resilient Marina?

The Florida Clean Marina Program was established in 2000 by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and assists with the implementation of best management practices that focus on sensitive habitats, waste management, stormwater control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness.

The Clean & Resilient Marina Program was founded in 2013 through a partnership between the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Clean Marina programs from Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. It complements best management practices already in place by CMPs and provides additional recommendations to strengthen facilities' ability to withstand natural and manmade disasters.

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