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Delegation of Authority (Sample)

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Financial Assurance Working Group

When is this form needed? 

  • Signatory for the owner or operator on bonds, trust funds and letters-of-credit cover letters should be the president of a corporation, managing member of an LLC, or equivalent for entity type.
  • If the name of the president (or equivalent) is not found on the Florida Division of Corporations website (Sunbiz), or if anyone else signs, additional documentation will be required.   This "Delegation of Authority (Sample)" form offers a mechanism to authenticate authorized signers or to authorize "anyone else".
  • This form is an example of a delegation of authority letter.  Variations in wording and format may be fully acceptable.

Who should the letter be addressed to?

  • This sample form was developed for the Solid and Hazardous Waste Financial Assurance programs.  The default address on the form is for these programs.    If another part of DEP (or a delegated county) is the regulating office, the addressee should be changed.  A few likely organizations include:
  • Class I Landfill permit applications:
    Solid Waste Permitting Section
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    2600 Blair Stone Road  MS 4565
    Tallahassee, Florida  32399-2400

  • Permit applications sent to District or Delegated County offices:
    Insert their address [Districts] [Delegated Counties]

  • Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity (8700-12FL)
    DEP Waste Management Division – HWRS
    2600 Blair Stone Road  MS 4560
    Tallahassee, Florida  32399-2400

  • Petroleum Storage Tank Financial Responsibility documents
    DEP Compliance Assistance Program
    No address needed – attach to associated document for Inspector’s review

What should be done with the signed letter?

  • This Delegation of Authority letter should accompany the financial instrument or application, etc., it is intended to supplement.
  • If being sent by separate cover (e.g., 'after the fact'), include reference to the document(s) it is associated with.
  • The Financial Assurance Working Group does not have any responsibility for letters addressed (and sent) to them but intended for other programs.  (We frequently have no way of determining to whom it should have been addressed.)

The link to the Delegation of Authority sample form is near the top of this page.

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