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Brevard County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Brevard County

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Brevard County

"--" denotes cells with no current data.

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF052001000 Heritage Park at Crane Creek Green Reuse Area BF052001001 Heritage Park at Crane Creek Green Reuse Site  --
BF051801000 Former EZ Auto Sales Reuse Area BF051801001 Former EZ Auto Sales --
BF051202000 Cape Canaveral Economic Enhancement District (CCEED) -- -- --
BF051201000 Unincorporated Brevard County Area -- -- --
BF051108000 Bobbie Lane Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF051107000 Industrial Park Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF051106000 Cocoa Economic Enhancement District -- -- --
BF051105000 Northwest Corner of SR405 and US Highway 1 -- -- --
BF051104000 West 50 Plaza, LLC -- -- --
BF051103000 4710 South Washington Avenue -- -- --
BF051102000 Space Coast Regional Airport and Arthur Dunn Airpark Area -- -- --
BF051006000 Rockledge Redevelopment District -- -- --
BF051005000 WestTech S.M.A.R.T. -- -- --
BF051004000 Central Interchange S.M.A.R.T. -- -- --
BF051003000 North Interchange S.M.A.R.T. -- -- --
BF051002000 Riverview S.M.A.R.T. -- -- --
BF050901000 West Melbourne Area Voluntary Enhancement (WAVE) District -- -- --
BF050802000 Melbourne Economic Enhancement District (MEED) BF050802002 Former S&S Petroleum --
BF050802000 Melbourne Economic Enhancement District (MEED) BF050802001 Mobility Scooter Center, Inc. --
BF050801000 Casbah Properties, LLC Brownfield Area BF050801001 Casbah Properties, LLC Site 12/18/2008
BF050701000 Manatee Point Brownfield Area BF050701001 Manatee Point 11/01/2012
BF050401000 Cocoa Brownfield Area BF050401005 Rosa L. Jones Property --
BF050401000 Cocoa Brownfield Area BF050401004 Forrest Ave. Site 04/18/2018
BF050401000 Cocoa Brownfield Area BF050401003 Brunson Ave. Site 07/06/2017
BF050401000 Cocoa Brownfield Area BF050401002 Former Steve's Cycles 12/10/2013
BF050401000 Cocoa Brownfield Area BF050401001 Marc T, LLC Brownfield Site 04/22/2013
BF050301000 Kirby Industrial Park 1 Brownfield Area BF050301001 KIP 1, LLC Brownfield Site --
BF050001000 Village Green Area BF050001001 Village Green Shopping Center --

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