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Brownfields Program

Brownfields Redevelopment Act

The primary goals of the Brownfield Redevelopment Act are to reduce public health and environmental hazards on existing commercial and industrial sites that are abandoned or underused due to these hazards; create financial and regulatory incentives to encourage voluntary cleanup and redevelopment of sites; derive cleanup target levels and a process for obtaining a "No Further Action" letter using Risk-Based Corrective Action principles; and provide the opportunity for Environmental Equity and Justice.

Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA) Documents

Brownfields GeoViewer

The DEP Brownfields GeoViewer is a mapping tool designed to help you locate existing brownfield areas and sites in the state of Florida. Click here to take advantage of Florida's complete source for brownfields information.

Brownfields Program Incentives

Local Government Incentives

Contact your local government for a list of specific brownfield incentives. The Brownfields Redevelopment Act provides local governments a wide array of incentives in Section 376.84, F.S. For a list of possible local incentives, click on Section 376.84, F.S.

Brownfield Areas and Contaminated Properties

Site-Specific Activities/Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA)

  • Site-Specific Activities Application
  • List of Eligible Applicants (February 2, 2016)
    Eligible applicants include a person who is or may be affected by a release or threatened release of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant at a brownfield site located in the community in which the person works or resides; local governments; nonprofit organizations and nonprofit educational institutions; private property owners; prospective property owners; and government entities, including any general purpose unit of local government or other quasi-governmental entity operating under the control, supervision or as an agent of a local government, a governmental entity or redevelopment agency created or sanctioned by the state or a regional planning council.
  • Selection Criteria
  • Site Access Agreement (fillable forms)
  • Summary Information

 For further information, contact Carrie Kruchell, P.G. by email or at (850) 245-8765.

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