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Broward County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Broward County

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Broward County

 "--" denotes cells with no current data.

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF062201000 El-Ad Gas Station Parcel Green Reuse Area BF062201001 El-Ad Gas Station Parcel Green Reuse Site  --
BF062101000 El-Ad Broward Plaza Green Reuse Area BF062101001 El-Ad Broward Plaza Green Reuse Site --
BF062003000 5000 Davie Green Reuse Area BF062003001 5000 Davie Green Reuse Site --
BF062002000 Seven on Seventh Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF062001000 Village View Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF061907000 Public Works Campus Green Reuse Area BF061907001 Public Works Campus Green Reuse Site --
BF061906000 Belmont Porten Brownfield Area BF061906001 2700 Gateway Green Reuse Site 10/06/2023
BF061905000 Hallandale First Brownfield Area BF061905001 Gulfstream Point Green Reuse Site --
BF061904000 Poinciana Crossing Brownfield Area BF061904001 Poinciana Crossing Green Reuse Site 03/02/2023
BF061903000 St. Elizabeth Gardens Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF061902000 Pinnacle at Peacefield Brownfield Area BF061902001 Pinnacle at Peacefield Brownfield Site 08/27/2020
BF061901000 Coral Spring Economic Revitalization Zone Two BF061901001 Sawgrass Storage Site 12/19/2019
BF061804000 Atlantic Village Green Reuse Area BF061804001 Atlantic Village Green Reuse Site --
BF061803000 Century Village Brownfield Area BF061803001 Former Hillsboro Pines GC Green Reuse Area 12/22/2021
BF061802000 Suncrest Court Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF061801000 North Dixie Highway Parcels Green Reuse Area BF061801001 Former Bennet Auto Supply Reuse Site 05/20/2021
BF061702000 Residences at Palm Aire Parcel C BF061702001 Pompano Beach Sports Park Reuse Site --
BF061701000 Arbor View Apartments Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF061604000 Former Palm Aire Golf Course III Area BF061604001 Former Palm Aire Golf Course Brownfield Site 11/30/2022
BF061603000 Oakland Park Green Reuse Area BF061603001 Oakland Park Green Reuse Site --
BF061602000 Wisdom Village Crossing LP Brownfield Area BF061602001 Wisdom Village Crossing Brownfield Site 11/26/2019
BF061601000 Former Palm Aire Golf Course Phase 2 A Area BF061601001 Former Palm Aire Golf Course Phase 2A Site 09/13/2018
BF061503000 Former Palm Aire Golf Course BF061503001 West Atlantic Blvd Apartments Investors LLC 11/30/2017
BF061502000 Northwest Gardens V Brownfield Area BF061502001 Northwest Gardens V Brownfield Site 02/14/2020
BF061501000 Coral Springs Revitalization Zone BF061501001 Pan American Coral Springs Brownfield Site 03/10/2021
BF061302000 Sunrise Wal-Mart BF061302001 Sunrise Wal-Mart Site 04/12/2018
BF061301000 5001 North Federal Highway BF061301001 5001 North Federal Highway Site 10/08/2018
BF061203000 Bokamper's Sports Bar and Grille Area -- -- --
BF061202000 Job Acceleration Zone (JAZ) -- -- --
BF061201000 Captiva Cove Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF061103000 ZF Brownfield Area BF061103001 ZF Brownfield Site 12/10/2012
BF061102000 Hollywood Incinerator Ash Dump (HIAD) -- -- --
BF061101000 Margate Economic Enhancement District (MEED) -- -- --
BF060801000 Dania Beach Brownfield Area BF060801004 Saratoga Crossings III Green Reuse Site --
BF060801000 Dania Beach Brownfield Area BF060801003 Saratoga Crossings II Green Reuse Site 04/13/2022
BF060801000 Dania Beach Brownfield Area BF060801002 Saratoga Crossings I Green Reuse Site 02/22/2022
BF060801000 Dania Beach Brownfield Area BF060801001 Dania Point --
BF060601000 Sunrise Boulevard/NW 31st Avenue Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF060501000 Turner Envirologic Area -- -- --
BF060401000 Harbour Cove Brownfield Area BF060401001 Harbour Cove Associates 05/06/2009
BF060302000 MABB Dania Beach Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF060301000 Dania Motocross Brownfield Area BF060301001 Dania Motocross 08/01/2006
BF060202000 Liberia / Oakwood Hills Area -- -- --
BF060201000 US 441/SR 7 Corridor BF060201001 McArthur Dairy Brownfield Site 07/28/2016
BF060003000 Uniweld Products Area BF060003001 Uniweld Products Brownfield Site  
BF060002000 Lauderdale Lakes Area -- -- --
BF060001000 Miramar Area -- -- --
BF069901000 Pompano Beach Northwest Area BF069901002 Pompano Beach Replacement Library and Civic Campus B 06/26/2012
BF069901000 Pompano Beach Northwest Area BF069901001 Pompano Beach Replacement Library and Civic Campus A 12/29/2010

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