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Duval County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Duval County

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Duval County

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF161703000 Bella Mara Road Brownfield Area BF161703001 Bella Mara Road Brownfield Site  
BF161702000 San Marco Crossing Area BF161702001 San Marco Crossing Site  
BF161701000 BW Philips Bowden, LLC Brownfield Area BF161701001 BW Philips Bowden, LLC Site  
BF161602000 St. Johns Village Brownfield Area BF161602001 St. Johns Village Brownfield Site  
BF161601000 Aquatic Townhomes Brownfield Area BF161601001 Aquatic Townhomes Brownfield Site  
BF161501000 590 Beautyrest Ave. BF161501001 KWM Brownfield Site 11/29/2016
BF161403000 L&M Griffin Properties #3 Brownfield Area BF161403001 Bill Johns Waste Oil Site  
BF161402000 Gerdau Ameristeel Brownfield Area BF161402001 Gerdau Ameristeel Site  
BF161401000 Penman Plaza Brownfield Area BF161401001 Penman Plaza Ace Parcel Brownfield Site 11/29/2016
BF161201000 9225 Dames Point Road Area      
BF161101000 5441 West 5th Street      
BF160901000 Imeson Consolidated Services, LLC Site      
BF160804000 720 Atlantic Boulevard Brownfield Area BF160804001 CLH-Jacksonville  
BF160803000 Former Jacksonville Raceway Area BF160803001 Jacksonville Raceway 09/03/2010
BF160802000 The Opportunity Project      
BF160801000 Tree Hills Nature Center      
BF160506000 Hughes Electrical Brownfield Area BF160506001 Hughes Electrical Supply Site  
BF160505000 1915 Wigmore Street (Jacksonville Maritime Partners)      
BF160504000 Southside Community Redevelopment Area BF160504002 Former Webb Center  
    BF160504001 Broadstone River House  
BF160503000 Kings Avenue Brownfield Area      
BF160502000 Insteel Wire Products Area      
BF160501000 Cecil Field, I.I. Park & Phillips Hwy. Corridor BF160501001 Wal-Mart Phillips Highway Brownfield Site 12/23/2013
BF160301000 Cecil Brownfield Area      
BF160205000 Sunbeam Hill Area BF160205001 4502 Sunbeam Road  
BF160204000 Advantus Transport Area      
BF160203000 Raven Transport Holding Area      
BF160202000 Phillips Highway BF160202001 Phillips Highway Site  
BF160201000 Riverplace Boulevard Area BF160201001 St. Johns Center Site  
BF160101000 Southside Generating Station (SGS) Area BF160101001 Southside Generating Station (SGS) Area 08/17/2017
BF160001000 Pilot Project Area BF160001023 Riverside Lot 3 (FIS Headquarters) 07/24/2020
    BF160001022 Lot J Brownfield Site  
    BF160001021 Clark Pest Control  
    BF160001020 Block 48, Jacksonvile Harts Area  
    BF160001019 Loft at Jefferson Street  
    BF160001018 Bishopgate Brownfield Site  
    BF160001017 Main Street MGP Brownfield Site  
    BF160001016 May Street Brownfield Site 03/27/2020
    BF160001015 Former Duval Container Property  
    BF160001014 Lofts at LaVilla Site  
    BF160001013 Mary Eaves Site  
    BF160001012 1737 Jessie Street Brownfield Site 01/29/2020
    BF160001010 North Point Brownfield Site  
    BF160001009 Riverside Avenue Brownfield  
    BF160001008 Keystone / Wigmore Street  
    BF160001007 Hogan's Creek Site, Parcel 1B  
    BF160001006 Hogan's Creek Site, Parcel 1A  
    BF160001005 JM Family Enterprises 11/26/2007
    BF160001004 Ford Assembly Redevelopment  
    BF160001003 2100 Dennis Street Remediation Trust  
    BF160001002 The Shipyards  
    BF160001001 Ware Family Realty, LLC 12/08/2003

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