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Escambia County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Escambia County

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Escambia County

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Nme SRCO Date
BF171904000 Cantonment CRA Brownfield Area      
BF171903000 Oakfield CRA Brownfield Area      
BF171902000 Ensley CRA Brownfield Area      
BF171901000 Atwood CRA Brownfield Area      
BF171802000 128 Airport Blvd Brownfield Area BF171802002 Former Nursery Brownfield Site  
    BF171802001 Former SPC Brownfield Site  
BF171801000 Delphin Downs Green Reuse Area      
BF171106000 Warrington Redevelopment rea      
BF171105000 Palafox Redevelopment Area      
BF171104000 Englewood Redevelopment Area      
BF171103000 Brownsville Redevelopment Area      
BF171102000 Barrancas Redevelopment Area BF171102001 Mahogany Mill Road Boat Ramp 12/07/2015
BF171101000 3300 Mobile Highway Brownfield Area      
BF170802000 2800 Hollywood Avenue      
BF170801000 Lloyd Street and Morris Court Brownfield Area      
BF170701000 Former Runyan Shipyard BF170701001 Former Runyan Shipyard, Bayou Chico 07/27/2017
BF170603000 Enterkin Property Brownfield Area      
BF170602000 1810 Barrancas Avenue Brownfield Area      
BF170504000 Century Town Limits Brownfield Area BF170504001 Century Florida Site 06/26/2009
BF170503000 501 North Navy Boulevard      
BF170502000 603 West Romana Street Area BF170502001 Mosquito Control Facility  
BF170501000 929 Massachusetts Avenue Area      
BF170401000 1123 West Scott Street      
BF170302000 3415 Barrancas Avenue BF Area BF170302001 Sunray Enterprises, Inc. (Keck) 03/02/2006
BF170301000 MidTown BF Redevelopment Area      
BF170201000 Pensacola Mainstreet Area BF170201001 Pensacola Mainstreet, Inc. 10/01/2010
BF170101000 Strategic Crossings Corporation BF170101001 Strategic Crossing Corp. CSX Property 12/15/2006
BF179901000 Palafox Corridor Redevelopment Area BF179901002 2500 North Palafox Street 02/29/2012
    BF179901001 Weatherford McIntyre Property 07/01/2002

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