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Hillsborough County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Hillsborough County

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Hillsborough County

"--" denotes cells with no current data.

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF292302000 Former Tampa Bay Metals BF292302001 Tampa Bay Metals --
BF292301000 Ybor Gateway Redevelopment Area BF292301001 Gasworx E123 Brownfield Site --
BF292203000 Coral Walk Brownfield Area BF292203001 Coral Walk Brownfield Site --
BF292202000 2101 W Main St Brownfield Area BF292202001 Main Streek Park --
BF292201000 Blue UACDC 1 Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF292103000 Independence Park Redevelopment Area BF292103001 Independence Park Redevelopment Site --
BF292102000 South Florida Baptist Hospital Economic Enhancement Area BF292102001 Former Chicken Farm Site 01/02/2024
BF292101000 Interbay Redevelopment Area BF292101001 Interbay Redevelopment Site --
BF292004000 Gracepoint Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF292003000 Channel Club II Brownfield Area BF292003001 Channel Club II --
BF292002000 Colonnade Crosstown, LLC Brownfield Area BF292002001 Colonnade Crosstown, LLC Brownfield Site --
BF292001000 5003 Dover Street Brownfield Area BF292001001 5003 Dover Street Brownfield Site --
BF291905000 SM-Rustin Brownfield Area BF291905001 SM-Ruskin Redevelopment Site --
BF291904000 Hartford St. Properties LLC Brownfield Area BF291904001 Former Hartford St. Terminal --
BF291903000 Blue Broadway Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF291902000 JVS Land Holding Co., LLC Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF291901000 Johns Rd and Sligh Ave Brownfield Area BF291901001 Former Hoover Landfill Brownfield Site --
BF291804000 Suarez Trust Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF291803000 West River Development Brownfield Area BF291803002 Former ICS West --
BF291803000 West River Development Brownfield Area BF291803001 Former ICS East --
BF291802000 Madison Street Park Brownfield Area BF291802001 Madison Street Park Brownfield Site 03/03/2022
BF291801000 Blue Humphrey Street Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF291704000 Cortona/Former Jai Alai Area BF291704001 Former Tampa Jai Alai Property Brownfield Site --
BF291703000 Former Pitch Pine Lumber Brownfield Area BF291703001 Former Pitch Pine Lumber Site --
BF291702000 Jackson Street Parking Lot Brownfield Area BF291702001 Jackson Street Parking Let Brownfield Site --
BF291701000 Miroslav Mitusina Brownfield Area BF291701001 Miroslav Mitusina Brownfield Site 04/07/2020
BF291602000 Liberty Tampa Property BF291602001 Liberty Tampa Site 01/16/2018
BF291601000 Blue Brandon Palms Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF291502000 East Hanna Avenue Brownfield Area BF291502001 Hanna Avenue --
BF291501000 Former Amazon Hose Property BF291501001 Former Amazon Hose Property Site 07//19/2018
BF291406000 Peoples Gas System - North Channelside Drive BF291406001 Peoples Gas System - North Channelside Drive --
BF291405000 Spruce Street Landfill #2 BF291405001 Spruce Street Landfill #2 Site 03/13/2018
BF291404000 Port Redwing Access Outparcel Brownfield Area BF291404001 Port Redwing Brownfield Site --
BF291403000 Hudson Nursery Brownfield Area BF291403001 Former Hudson Nursery Brownfield Site 06/26/2019
BF291402000 Delaney Creek Brownfield Redevelopment Area BF291402001 Delaney Creek Brownfield Redevelopment Area - Exide Tech. --
BF291401000 Port Redwing Property -- -- --
BF291307000 Wal-Mart Tampa (Hillsborough) -- -- --
BF291306000 Nebraska Avenue Brownfield Area BF291306001 Nebraska Avenue Site 11/18/2016
BF291305000 Tampa Water Works Park Brownfield Area BF291305001 Tampa Water Works Park Site --
BF291304000 Palmetto Tampa - Columbus Area BF291304001 Former West Tampa Convention Center Site --
BF291303000 Former Redwing Trucking Facility Area BF291303001 Former Redwing Trucking --
BF291302000 Former Gulf Coast Metals BF291302001 Former Gulf Coast Metals Site 03/23/2022
BF291301000 Plant City Industrial Park -- -- --
BF291205000 Lincoln Park Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF291204000 West Saint Louis Street -- -- --
BF291203000 North Clark Avenue -- -- --
BF291202000 Photoengraving Incorporated BF291202001 Photoengraving Brownfield Site --
BF291201000 Former Wood Preserving Site BF291201001 Brandon Toyota Site --
BF291102000 GC Partners LLC Brownfield Area BF291102001 Former Sun City BP 06/17/2013
BF291101000 Pendola Point Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF291002000 Midtown Brownfield Area BF291002005 Former Carlos Brake & Radiator, Inc. --
BF291002000 Midtown Brownfield Area BF291002004 Freddy's Automotive --
BF291002000 Midtown Brownfield Area BF291002003 Hydraulic Hose Site 09/19/2016
BF291002000 Midtown Brownfield Area BF291002002 Gro-Mor Fertilizer Plant 12/21/2023
BF291002000 Midtown Brownfield Area BF291002001 Former Stock Building Supply/McGinnis Lumber Yard 12/21/2023
BF291001000 North Ybor Channel Brownfield Area BF291001002 International Ship Repair --
BF291001000 North Ybor Channel Brownfield Area BF291001001 Detsco --
BF290901000 Lakewood Pointe Brownfield Area BF290901001 Lakewood Pointe 04/05/2021
BF290804000 Crosland-Varela Westshore Area BF290804001 Crosland-Varela Site 10/14/2015
BF290803000 EnviroFocus Technologies Brownfield Area BF290803001 EnviroFocus Technologies --
BF290802000 Kracker Road Area BF290802003 SSC 115 Tampa Kracker Road, Parcel C --
BF290802000 Kracker Road Area BF290802002 SSC Tampa Kracker Road, LLC, Parcel B --
BF290802000 Kracker Road Area BF290802001 Kracker Road aka Tampa Livestock --
BF290801000 Lakeside Station Brownfield Area BF290801001 Lakeside Logistics I 06/21/2021
BF290706000 Central Park Village Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF290705000 Westshore Landings One Brownfield Area BF290705001 Westshore Landings One  **BSRA Terminated 03/10/2021** --
BF290704000 Tampa Tank and Welding Property BF290704001 Tampa Tank and Welding Property 09/14/2011
BF290703000 Tampa International Center Brownfield Area BF290703001 Tampa International Center Brownfield Site 06/12/2009
BF290702000 Former TECO Hookers Point Brownfield Area BF290702001 TECO Hookers Point 10/07/2022
BF290701000 Park N Shade Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF290607000 Avion Park at Westshore Brownfield Area BF290607001 Avion Park at Westshore Site 10/13/2010
BF290606000 Tampa Armature Works Brownfield Area BF290606001 Former Tampa Armature Works Site --
BF290604000 Honeywell BF290604001 Waters Center Brownfield Site 05/27/2010
BF290603000 Circle Tampa Ventures I BF290603001 Circle Tampa Ventures I 05/31/2007
BF290602000 Former 43rd Street Bay Drum Site Brownfield Area BF290602001 Former 43rd Street Bay Drum Site --
BF290601000 Grand Central at Kennedy Property Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF290503000 1010-1026 North 19th Street BF290503001 Channelside Holdings Site --
BF290502000 4010 North Lois Avenue (former Borden Property) -- -- --
BF290501000 W.T. Edwards Facility BF290501001 W.T. Edwards Brownfield Site 05/07/2008
BF290401000 The Place at Channelside BF290401001 The Place at Channelside 10/09/2017
BF290304000 12th Street Operations Yard BF290304001 12th Street Operations Yard 11/03/2011
BF290303000 Centro Asturiano Place Brownfield Area BF290303001 Centro Asturiano Place 09/01/2006
BF290302000 Ameristeel Brownfield Area BF290302001 Gerdau Ameristeel Brownfield Site --
BF290301000 Tampa Heights Brownfield Area BF290301001 Riverfront (Tampa Heights) Complex 11/23/2005
BF290204000 North 56th Street Area BF290204001 Former Southern Mill Creek Products Site --
BF290203000 Washington Street Crossing Area -- -- --
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001 Wal-Mart Gunn Highway Site 06/12/2009
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001A Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Parcel A 05/15/2002
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001B Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Parcel B 06/04/2002
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001C Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Parcel C 11/23/2004
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001D Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Parcel D 12/16/2002
BF290202000 Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area BF290202001E Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Parcel E 07/22/2002
BF290101000 Tampa Port Authority BF290101004 Winner Metals 12/29/2021
BF290101000 Tampa Port Authority BF290101003 Tampa Bay Scrap Processors Site --
BF290101000 Tampa Port Authority BF290101002 Tampa Bay Shipbuilding and Repair Company --
BF290101000 Tampa Port Authority BF290101001 Port Ybor 10/10/2022
BF290002000 WRB at Old Hopewell Road BF290002002 CSX Spur at Old Hopewell Road 03/18/2019
BF290002000 WRB at Old Hopewell Road BF290002001 WRB at Old Hopewell Road --
BF290001000 Robbins Manufacturing Storage Yard BF290001001 Robbins Manufacturing 08/14/2002

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