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Miami-Dade County Brownfield Areas and Sites

 List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Miami-Dade County

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Miami-Dade County

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF132001000 Florida City CRA Green Reuse Area BF132001001 Solimar Apartments Green Reuse Site  
BF131805000 Collins Park Garage Green Reuse Area BF131805001 Collins Park Garage Site  
BF131804000 Former Par 3 Green Reuse Area      
BF131803000 Maurice Gibb Memorial Park Green Reuse Area BF131803001 Maurice Gibb Memorial Park Site  
BF131802000 Fleet Management Green Reuse Area BF131802001 Fleet Management Site  
BF131801000 Convention Center Green Reuse Area BF131801001 Convention Center Site  
BF131702000 Village of El Portal Brownfield Area      
BF131701000 NW 58th Street Green Reuse Area      
BF131604000 Former Melting Pot Green Reuse Area BF131604001 Former Melting Pot Green Reuse Site  
BF131603000 People Gas East Parcel Green Reuse Area BF131603001 Peoples Gas East Parcel Green Reuse Site  
BF131602000 Willow Lake Apartments Green Reuse Area BF131602001 Willow Lakes Apartments Green Reuse Site  
BF131601000 NW 62nd St Passive Park Green Reuse Area BF131601001 NW 62nd St Passive Park Green Reuse Site 07/27/2018
BF131503000 El Portal NE 83rd St. Green Reuse Area BF131503001 NE 83rd St. Green Reuse Site  
BF131502000 Doral Legacy Park Green Reuse Area BF131502001 Doral Legacy Park Green Reuse Site 12/10/2018
BF131501000 Taylor Park Green Reuse Area BF131501001 Taylor Park Green Reuse Site  
BF131403000 Rucks Park Site BF131403001 Rucks Park Brownfield Site  
BF131402000 City of Miami Parks      
BF131401000 Miami-Dade Regional Soccer Park BF Redevelopment Area      
BF131304000 27th Avenue Corridor Greenpowerment Zone      
BF131303000 South Miami Plaza Preservation Site      
BF131302000 Coral Terrace Brownfield Area      
BF131301000 Land South Brownfield Area BF131301001 Land South Partners I Brownfield Site 08/24/2016
BF131203000 Antigua Redevelopment Site BF131203001 Former Peoples Gas System  
BF131202000 Solabella Apartments Brownfield      
BF131201000 Homestead Wal-Mart BF131201001 Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Site  
BF131104000 Doral Decor District Brownfield Area BF131104003 Skilled Nursing Facility Brownfield Site  
    BF131104002 Jackson West Hospital Brownfield Site 07/25/2018
    BF131104001 Hawthorne Suites Doral Decor District BF Site  
BF131103000 Mirabella Brownfield Area      
BF131102000 1350 West 49 Street      
BF131101000 8400 Coral Way      
BF130847000 Westview      
BF130846000 Westchester      
BF130845000 Tamiami      
BF130844000 Sweetwater E      
BF130843000 Sweetwater D BF130843003 Dolphin Professional Centre Site  
    BF130843002 Procacci 1400, LLC  
    BF130843001 Procacci Sweetwater, LLC  
BF130842000 Ojus      
BF130841000 Lingren      
BF130840000 Kendall West      
BF130839000 Golden Glades G      
BF130838000 Golden Glades F      
BF130837000 Golden Glades E      
BF130836000 Golden Glades D      
BF130835000 Golden Glades C      
BF130834000 Golden Glades B      
BF130833000 Golden Glades A      
BF130832000 Glenvar Heights      
BF130831000 Fountainbleau      
BF130830000 Florida City - Unincorporated      
BF130829000 Flagler Westside      
BF130828000 Eastern Shore C      
BF130827000 Eastern Shore B      
BF130826000 Eastern Shore A      
BF130825000 Coral Terrace      
BF130824000 Biscayne Park      
BF130814000 Miami Industrial      
BF130601000 Medley Redevelopment Brownfields Area BF130601001 Medley Development Site 06/17/2019
BF130503000 Dedicated Transporation BF130503001 Dedicated Transporation Corporation HQs  
BF130502000 Miami EZ Expansion Area BF130502001 Miami River Marina Site 04/23/2020
BF130501000 Homestead CRA Area      
BF130401000 Aguaclara Brownfield Area      
BF130302000 City of Hialeah Brownfield Area      
BF130301000 Beacons Lake Brownfield Area BF130301001 Beacon Lakes (AMB Codina) 05/09/2012
BF130201000 Biscayne Commons Area BF130201001 Biscayne Commons Brownfield Site  
BF130001000 Potamkin Properties BF130001001 Potamkin Properties 03/14/2012
BF139913000 Redlands/Leisure City Area BF139913001 Fair Oaks Green Reuse Site  
BF139912000 South Dade Area BF139912006 Cannery Row Green Reuse Site  
    BF139912005 Modern Towers Green Reuse Site  
    BF139912004 Paradise Gardens Green Reuse Site  
    BF139912003 Coral Bay Cove Brownfield Site  
    BF139912002 Redland Market Village Brownfield Site  
    BF139912001 Keys Crossing, Ltd.  
BF139911000 Perrine Area BF139911002 Grouper Park Green Reuse Site  
    BF139911001 Centerra Apartments Green Reuse Site  
BF139910000 Richmond Heights Area      
BF139909000 South Miami Area      
BF139908000 Sweetwater C Area      
BF139906000 Sweetwater A Area      
BF139905000 Central Miami Area BF139905001 Industrial Shipping Facility  
BF139904000 Model City/Brownsville Area BF139904005 Liberty NW 79th Street Brownfield Site  
    BF139904004 Former Westview Golf Course (South)  
    BF139904003 1255 NW 103rd Street Brownfield Site  
    BF139904002 Corinthian Multifamily Apartments (Liberty City Holdings, LLC)  
    BF139904001 Siegel Gas and Oil Corp 05/17/2011
BF139903000 Dade - Opa-Locak Area      
BF139902000 Carol City Area      
BF139901000 Opa-Locka Area BF139901003 Castle Opa Brownfield Site  
    BF139901002 Opa-Locka CDC Brownfield Site  
    BF139901001 TMR Cairo Lane Site  
BF139801000 Miami Area BF139801019 237-295 NW 20th Green Reuse Site  
    BF139801018 297 NE 67th Street Redevelopment Site  
    BF139801017 Wynwood Hotel Brownfield Site  
    BF139801016 Riverfront Brownfield Site  
    BF139801015 Former Biscayne Chemical Site  
    BF139801014 T.M. Alexander Apartments Brownfield Site  
    BF139801013 Civic Towers Brownfield Site  
    BF139801012 Hawkins Park Green Reuse Site 2  
    BF139801011 Miami-Dade Cnty and Puerto Rican Chamber Office Bldg  
    BF139801010 Hawkins Park Green Reuse Site 1  
    BF139801009 Wynwood N. Miami 10/29/2015
    BF139801008 St. Martin's Place 12/19/2014
    BF139801007 Mandy's Market 10/02/2017
    BF139801006 Resorts World Miami Brownfield Site  
    BF139801005 McArthur Dairy 7th Avenue  
    BF139801004 Los Suenos Multifamily Apartments (Dreamers, LLC)  
    BF139801003 Wagner Square (Former Civic Center) 10/07/2005
    BF139801002 FEC Buena Vista  
    BF139801001 Wynwood Site  

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