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Palm Beach County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Palm Beach County

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Palm Beach County

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF501901000 Residences at Boca Dunes Green Reuse Area BF501901001 Residences at Boca Dunes Green Reuse Site  
BF501603000 Commerce Park Green Reuse Area BF501603001 Commerce Park Green Reuse Site  
BF501602000 Former Rood Landscape Green Reuse Area BF501602001 Former Rood Landscape Green Reuse Site  
BF501601000 Lantana Square Green Reuse Area BF501601001 Former Cook Lumber  
BF501502000 Delray Beach Brownfield Area BF501502001 Brookstone Delray Associates 02/25/2019
BF501501000 Former Servico Landfill Brownfield Area BF501501001 Former Servico Landfill Brownfield Site  
BF501401000 480 US Highway 27 North BF501401001 480 US Hwy 27 North  
BF501201000 Former Pike Utilities Brownfield Area BF501201001 Former Pike Utilities Brownfield Site  
BF500903000 Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Area      
BF500902000 Pahokee Plaza Area BF500902001 Pahokee Plaza 11/01/2011
BF500901000 Greater Lake Worth Park of Commerce      
BF500701000 Carver Square Brownfield Area BF500701001 Delray Beach CRA Brownfield Site 11/17/2014
BF500501000 Lake Worth Closed Municipal Landfill      
BF500402000 W.P.B. Downtown Northwood/Pleasant City CR Expanded Area BF500402001 West Palm Beach Intermodal Transfer Facility / The Wedge  
BF500401000 Lake Worth CRA District      
BF500303000 Westgate/Belvedere Homes CRA Area      
BF500302000 W.P.B. Downtown Northwood/Pleasant City CRA Areas BF500302001 Northwood Anchor Site  
BF500301000 Belle Glade Brownfield Area BF500301001 Belle Glade Hospital Brownfield Site  
BF500101000 Former Palm Beach Lakes Golf Course BF500101007 Jefferson at West Palm Beach  
    BF500101006 DR Palm Beach Residential Complex Brownfield Site  
    BF500101005 DR Palm Beach Hotel Complex Brownfield Site  
    BF500101004 DR Lakes, Inc. Parcel II  
    BF500101003 CFC Multifamily Northwest  
    BF500101002 DR Lakes Multifamily Northside 06/29/2015
    BF500101001 BrandsMart 03/01/2016

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