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Pinellas County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Pinellas County

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Pinellas County

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF521603000 Burlington Post Brownfield Area      
BF521602000 Burlington Place Brownfield Area      
BF521601000 Former Zero Corporation Brownfield Area BF521601001 Former Zero Corporation Brownfield Site  
BF521501000 Former Arab Pest Control Brownfield Area BF521501001 Former Arab Pest Control Brownfield Site 10/23/2017
BF521401000 Former Countryside Executive Golf Course BF521401001 Former Countryside Executive Golf Course 11/29/2016
BF521304000 Seminole Mall BF521304001 Seminole Mall Site  
BF521303000 Former Jones Chemical Site Brownfield Area      
BF521302000 Pinellas Heights Brownfield      
BF521301000 2677 Roosevelt Boulevard      
BF521203000 Briarwood RV Park Brownfield      
BF521202000 Ulmerton Road Opportunity Corridor (UROC) Area-wide Brownfield BF521202002 Ulmerton & 66th Brownfield Site 06/08/2017
    BF521202001 126th Ave. N. Dump  
BF521201000 Sam's Club Site Area      
BF520805000 Pinellas County Ashley Place Brownfield      
BF520804000 Gateway Centre Business Park Addition One Tract A      
BF520802000 Pinellas County Largo Area-wide Brownfield      
BF520801000 Pinellas County Dansville Brownfield Area BF520801003 Dansville South Historic Landfill Site 04/01/2015
    BF520801002 Dansville Central Historic Landfill Site 09/24/2015
    BF520801001 Dansville North Historic Landfill Site 01/13/2016
BF520701000 Bryan Dairy Road Brownfield Area      
BF520601000 Belleair Wastewater Treatment Plant and Town Garage      
BF520502000 Pinellas County Lealman Area-Wide Brownfield Area      
BF520501000 Community Waterfront Park Area BF520501001 Community Waterfront Park 09/23/2010
BF520403000 Alps Brownfield Area      
BF520402000 Sod Farm Site      
BF520401000 Young-Rainey Star Center Area      
BF529901000 St. Petersburg Area BF529901007 Central Ave. Redevelopment Site  
    BF529901006 Tricera Nitneil Green Reuse Area  
    BF529901005 2221 5th Ave. South Green Reuse Area  
    BF529901004 300 23rd Street South Green Reuse Area  
    BF529901003 Wal-Mart St. Pete (C) Brownfields Site 03/21/2014
    BF529901002 City of St. Petersburg/Former Atherton Oil 02/02/2017
    BF529901001 Peoples Gas System (Former TECO Complex) 07/10/2019
BF529701000 Clearwater Area BF529701006 Clearwater Gas System - FMG Plant  
    BF529701005 CarPro  
    BF529701004 Clearwater Automotive Site 07/01/2009
    BF529701003 Former Clearwater Sun Property 01/18/2007
    BF529701002 Dimmit Parcel B 12/18/2009
    BF529701001 Community Health Center 07/28/2000

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