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Polk County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Polk County

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Polk County

"--" denotes cells with no current data.

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF532302000 2030-2035 Griffin Road Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF532301000 Griffin Road Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF532202000 Former Polk County Fertilizer Plant Brownfield Area BF532202001 Former Polk County Fertilizer Brownfield Site --
BF532201000 East Bella Vista Street Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF532102000 Park Ridge Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF532101000 Swan Lake Village Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF531902000 Strickland Property Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF531901000 Parker Street Property Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF531703000 Former Florida Tile Brownfield Area BF531703002 Lake Wire Multifamily Brownfield Site 02/24/2023
BF531703000 Former Florida Tile Brownfield Area BF531703001 Former Florida Tile Brownfield Site 05/11/2021
BF531702000 Drummond Property Brownfield Area BF531702001

North Village Brownfield Site
(Terminated 03/13/2020)

BF531701000 West Lake Apartments Green Reuse Area -- -- --
BF531602000 Aida Street Property -- -- --
BF531601000 Noah's Ark Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF531304000 Lake Alfred South Economic Enhancement District -- -- --
BF531303000 Lake Alfred East Economic Enhancement District -- -- --
BF531302000 Lake Alfred Northeast Economic Enhancement District -- -- --
BF531301000 Lake Alfred Northeast Economic Enhancement District BF531301002 Former Growers Fertilizer Brownfield Site --
BF531301000 Lake Alfred Downtown Economic Enhancement District BF531301001 Downtown Development Site 12/18/2020
BF531206000 K.C. Industries Properties, LLC Brownfield Area BF531206001 K.C. Industries Properties, LLC Site --
BF531205000 Cigar Factory Brownfield Area BF531205001 Cigar Factory Site 12/09/2015
BF531204000 Fort Meade Outdoor Recreation Redevelopment Area -- -- --
BF531203000 Fort Meade Residential Redevelopment Area #2 -- -- --
BF531202000 Fort Meade Residential Redevelopment Area #1 -- -- --
BF531201000 Fort Meade CRA/Industrial Redevelopment Area BF531201001 Barnett's #706 --
BF531101000 Wahneta Community -- -- --
BF531001000 Chain of Lakes Redevelopment Incentive District-Brownfield Area BF531001001 Former Vigoro Industries, Inc. --
BF530101000 CSX Railyard- Lakeland BF530101001 Bonnet Springs Park Brownfield Site 05/02/2023
BF530001000 Auburndale Wal-Mart Area BF530001001 Auburndale Wal-Mart 11/12/2013

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