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Seminole County Brownfield Areas and Sites

List of Florida Brownfields Designated Brownfield Areas, Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and Site Rehabilitation Completion Orders for Seminole County

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Seminole County

"--" denotes cells with no current data.

Area ID Area Name Site ID Site Name SRCO Date
BF592101000 SEED 1980 Cameron Ave Brownfield Area BF592101001 1980 Cameron Ave Brownfield Site --
BF592001000 Village Grande Brownfield Area BF592001001 Village Grande Brownfield Site --
BF591901000 Warley Park Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF591601000 1775 East Lake Mary Blvd Brownfield Area BF591601001 1775 East Lake Mary Blvd Brownfield Site 11/07/2019
BF591501000 The TKG Oviedo Development Brownfield Area BF591501001 The Shoppes at Sterling Creek 06/19/2020
BF591201000 Trademark Metals Recycling Brownfield Area BF591201001 Former M&M Auto Parts & Salvage --
BF591101000 Longwood Economic Enhancement Program -- -- --
BF591001000 Oviedo Seminole Economic Enhancement District BF591001003 Former Oviedo Discount Beverage 09/21/2021
BF591001000 Oviedo Seminole Economic Enhancement District BF591001002 Oviedo Regional Stormwater Pond Redevelopment Site 06/15/2021
BF591001000 Oviedo Seminole Economic Enhancement District BF591001001 Former Albertson's Shopping Center Site 09/27/2023
BF590901000 Goldsboro Redevelopment and Economic Enhancement Neighborhood (GREEN) -- -- --
BF590810000 Casselberry City Properties / S.E.E.D. -- -- --
BF590809000 Unincorporated Seminole Economic Enhancement District -- -- --
BF590808000 Seminole Economic Enhancement District- Winter Springs -- -- --
BF590807000 Sanford Waterfront Economic Enhancement Area BF590807002 Nation Oak Ave. Brownfield Site --
BF590807000 Sanford Waterfront Economic Enhancement Area BF590807001 Sanford Waterfront Catalyst Brownfield Site 11/05/2019
BF590806000 The PLI Public Lands and Institutions Zoning Area BF590806001 Sandefur Site 04/24/2009
BF590805000 Greeneway Interchange S.E.E.D. / Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF590804000 Village Walk S.E.E.D. / Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF590803000 Town Center S.E.E.D. / Brownfield Area -- -- --
BF590802000 Casselberry CRA / S.E.E.D. BF590802002 Casselberry Former Shell Station Site NFA 05/21/2020
BF590802000 Casselberry CRA / S.E.E.D. BF590802001 Casselberry Police Department Site --
BF590801000 Seminole Economic Enhancement District- Lake Mary -- -- --
BF590704000 Sanford Economic Enhancement District Area -- -- --
BF590703000 Fern Park Lowes BF590703001 Lowe's Store Fern Park 03/31/2009
BF590702000 Former Central Florida Drum Facility BF590702001 Former Central Florida Drum Facility 05/03/2019
BF590701000 Former Microvia Brownfield Area BF590701001 Former Microvia Facility --

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