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Recycling Grants and Loans

Recycling Loan Program

Florida Recycling Loan Program: Loans to small businesses in the recycling industry.

Household Hazardous Waste Grants

The Florida Legislature established the Hazardous Waste Collection Center Grant Program  to encourage the establishment of a statewide network of local household hazardous waste collection centers, to provide collection services in rural counties that do not have collection centers and to investigate unique or innovative household hazardous waste projects.

Innovative Recycling/Waste Reduction Grants

In 1997, the Florida Legislature directed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to make grant funds available to counties on a competitive basis for innovative programs related to recycling. No grants were awarded during FY 2001-02, 2002-03, 2009-2010 or 2010-11 because the Legislature allocated no money for those years.

During its 2010 session, the Legislature passed HB 7243 which, in part, eliminated the Innovative Grant Program. Therefore, DEP will not be requesting proposals for future grant projects at this time.

Small County Consolidated Grants

Since 2002, DEP has had a Small County Consolidated Grants program for counties with populations less than 110,000. These grants are distributed equally among those counties. Activities supported with these grants include general solid waste management, litter prevention and control, and recycling and education programs.

Special Projects

In state fiscal year 2008-09, the Florida Legislature funded 14 special projects for local governments. The projects ranged from innovative recycling pilots for such hard-to-recycle items as agricultural plastic film mulch, ammunition and expanded polystyrene plastic (styrofoam) to expanding local recycling, composting and landfill monitoring programs in a variety of ways.

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