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Recycling Education Resources for Kids and Teachers

Schools can consume large amounts of resources and generate a significant amount of solid waste. Experience has shown that all schools have potential to reduce waste by implementing simple waste reduction and recycling techniques.

Benefits of Recycling

  • Encourages and educates students on environmental stewardship.
  • Potential to benefit school budgets by saving money on disposal cost.
  • Protects our environment while strengthening the economy in Florida by creating jobs.

Develop a Recycling Program

According to the 2010 Solid Waste Management Annual Report, Floridians generate 7.84 pounds/day of waste. Waste is not something that we think of everyday, but how we manage it cannot be ignored. By choosing to recycle, we can extend the life of a product and divert it from the landfill.

  • Step 1(a) - Evaluate your Existing Recycling Program - Review your existing program to make certain that all materials that can be recycled are being collected and separated from regular garbage. If not, meet with the custodial staff and hauler to get your school on the "green" path.
  • Step 1(b) - Start a Recycling Program - Conduct a waste audit. The waste audit will help you identify which materials to collect for recycling, what size and type of container you will need and what waste could possibly be prevented in the first place.
  • Step 2 - Contact Your County Recycling Coordinator - By law your county is required to provide the opportunity to recycle at least four out of the following eight materials: newspaper, glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, steel cans, cardboard, office paper and yard trash. Your local recycling coordinator will be able to provide you with specifics on what materials are accepted in the county program as well as a service provider’s contact information.
  • Step 3 - Educate ALL Participants - Announce the program, encourage and praise participation, and follow-up via memo and newsletters as often as possible. Consistency is the key to any successful program.



Guardians of the Environment K-2 Recycling Curriculum 

The Solid Choices Curriculum 

Greening School Cafeteria

Educational Resources available through the EPA:

For more information, contact Chris Perry at 850-245-8759.

Show the "Recycling: From Bin to Products" slide presentation.

This slideshow demonstrates where recyclables go and what they become. It provides students with visual comprehension of the recycling process.

The Grass Roots Recycling Network

This group works towards zero waste. It advocates for corporate and public policies to eliminate waste and build sustainable communities. These educational resources are provided in conjunction with the effort.
Florida Reuse Resource Network

Visit Earth 911 or call 1-800-CLEANUP (253-2687) to learn how and where to recycle many materials including household hazardous waste.

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