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Certification Application, Fees & Deadlines

Certification Application

You must complete the Certification Application and submit it to the department for approval. Please make sure that you write neatly and legibly. Any information that cannot be determined due to poor writing or spaces left blank will result in the application being deemed deficient.

In addition to this form you must provide the department with:

  • The applicable fee
  • Documentation of the required amount of experience

Certification Fees

Applicants for all licensure classes and levels shall submit the following fees along with their application. All application fees are non-refundable. Please make your check or money order payable to: Department of Environmental Protection.

Licensure Level

Application Fee Licensure Fee
Class A $50 $50
Class B $50 $50
Class C $50 $50
Class D $25 $25

The fee schedule for Wards of the State:

Licensure Level Application Fee Licensure Fee
Class A $10 $10
Class B $10 $10
Class C $10 $10
Class D $10 $10

Certification Deadlines 

There are no deadlines for submitting your certification application to the department. However, your examination grades are only good for four years from the date the examination was passed. Once you meet all the requirements, you may submit your completed application at any time. Any application that is received by the department and does not contain all required information will be returned to the applicant with a request for additional information. 

Need further assistance or information regarding the program?

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