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Getting Started with EzDMR

How do you get started?

Users already registered in the DEP Business Portal do not need to register again. If you require a PIN because you are submitting an electronic DMR and do not have one, proceed to Step 2 below; otherwise, sign into the portal and proceed through the steps for your facility type: Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Facilities or NPDES Stormwater Facilities outlined below.

New users to the DEP Business Portal must register before beginning. Proceed to Step 1 below to complete registration.

Step 1. Register in the DEP Business Portal

  1. Visit the Business Portal!
  2. On the Portal Welcome page, click the blue Register button near the upper right corner of the page.
  3. The registration form will appear and must be completed before clicking the Register button found at the bottom of the screen.
  4. A verification email will be sent with an embedded link, which should be clicked to complete the registration and email address verification process.

Step 2. Request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) 

This number is the certifier’s electronic signature and, like their password, should be kept in a secure place and not shared with others. Only a certifier, an individual who submits a report on behalf of a facility, must apply for a PIN. At the end of the registration process outlined above, the user is given the opportunity to secure a PIN, by clicking on the you may apply here link located on the E-mail Verification Complete screen. It can also be requested at any time by left mouse clicking on your username located on the upper right corner of the screen:

  1. On the PIN Request page, five security questions must be established. Each time a report submission is made, the certifier will be asked to answer one of these questions.
  2. Once completed and the Generate PIN Application button is clicked at the bottom of the page, an Electronic Subscriber Agreement (ESA) is emailed to the applicant.
  3. This ESA form should be printed, completed, notarized, and mailed to the address listed on the form. Remember, if you already have a PIN because you conduct business in the portal, you should not apply for another PIN.
  4. Once the ESA is received by the department and processed, an email from will be sent with the user’s PIN. To ensure this email reaches the user’s inbox, this email address should be added to the user’s contact list or address book.
  5. In the email, the user will need to click the embedded link to finalize and activate the PIN.

Step 3. Establishing Facility Specific Access

Before accessing any DMR template(s), the user must sign in to the DEP Business Portal and Request an Access Role for each facility they intend to manage:

DEP Permitting staff must be notified of any personnel changes that would affect the permitting or compliance process, including email addresses. If this is not updated in a timely manner, it could affect the report submission process.

  1. Go to the DEP Business Portal and sign in to the system by clicking on the Sign In link found on the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on Submit, then Report and finally EzDMR (NPDES Stormwater, Industrial and Domestic Wastewater).
  3. Under the Main Menu click on EzDMR Access, then Request Access Role. Click on one or more of the three access roles available: Preparer, Certifier and/or Duly Authorized Representative (DAR).
    1. If a user is only entering data, then the Preparer role should be requested and is automatically approved. They cannot submit a report.
    2. If the user enters data and submits reports on behalf of a facility, then the Certifier role should be requested. This role is automatically approved to enter data; however, they cannot submit a report without the facility’s DAR approval and a PIN.
    3. If the user is a facility’s permittee, owner, responsible official, corporate officer and/or authorized representative and they are listed as such in the department’s Wastewater Facility Regulation database (WAFR), they can request the Duly Authorized Representative role. The DAR’s primary function is to approve the requests of a certifier to submit electronic reports on behalf of a facility. They can view templates, but cannot enter data or submit reports.
  4. Once a role is selected, the user must associate their access request with a facility or facilities. In the Request Access Role search screen, the facility Type and ID must be entered for each facility for which access is needed. Upon clicking on the search button, a list of requested facilities will be generated. Click on the Request Role box to the right of the facility, then on the Request Role button below it. The requested facility templates can now be accessed. Remember, certifiers still need approval from the facility’s DAR to submit a report and DARs must be listed in WAFR to automatically be approved. 

Step 4. Access Templates

Step 4 For Wastewater - Access Wastewater Facility Specific DMR Templates

  1. Under the Main Menu, click Reports (Wastewater), then Reports Due and enter the facility ID of the facility the user is associated with.
  2. A list of the current and upcoming DMR templates will be generated.
  3. Under the Actions header, Edit DMR can be clicked to begin data entry.

Step 4 For Stormwater - Access Stormwater Facility Specific DMR Templates

  1. Under the Main Menu, click Reports (Stormwater), then Add New Storm Event to report Analytical Monitoring or Add New Compliance Event to report Compliance Monitoring.
  2. Choose the facility ID and enter the information that is requested.
  3. Click Generate Template to begin data entry.

User’s Guide and Help


DEP Business Portal


NPDES Stormwater

Contact Us for Assistance

  • For questions on IW and DW permit requirements, contact your District or Delegated Local Program Permitting Office.
  • For questions on NPDES Stormwater permit requirements, contact the NPDES Stormwater Program
  • For questions on the DEP Business Portal, including issues on securing a PIN, contact the DEP Service Desk via email or call 850-245-7555.
  • For questions on the EzDMR system, email the EzDMR Program or call us at 850-245-8567.

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