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Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report System (EzDMR)

Effective Dec. 21, 2016, all NPDES facilities are required to submit DMRs electronically using EzDMR.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Electronic Reporting Rule, also known as the E-Reporting Rule. The department adopted the federal rule by reference on Aug. 16, 2016. This rule requires that all NPDES facilities (wastewater and stormwater) submit their Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically using the department’s Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report System (EzDMR) by Dec. 21, 2016.

As part of the department’s ongoing efforts to improve business processes for facilities required to submit monitoring reports and to facilitate the state’s NPDES facilities’ compliance with the E-Reporting Rule, we have developed EzDMR, a streamlined alternative for environmental reporting using e-commerce and internet technologies.

What is EzDMR?

EzDMR is a web-enabled system that electronically transmits DMRs directly to the department from:

  • Industrial and domestic wastewater facilities;
  • NPDES stormwater facilities;
  • Delegated local programs (DLPs);
  • Facility consultants; and
  • Agency users.

It is an operational electronic reporting tool with all of the necessary security for legal and electronic signature requirements, ensuring a virtually paperless reporting system.

Why submit DMRs electronically?

For all NPDES facilities, electronic reporting through EzDMR will be required by December 21, 2016; however, for all other wastewater facilities required to submit monitoring reports, the EzDMR system is designed to provide a better alternative than handwritten or paper DMRs.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use system that offers the advantage of a faster and more efficient process, with less chance of errors versus manually entering data on a paper DMR.
  • More secure system because access requires a username and password, and submissions additionally require a personal identification number (PIN), and answering security questions.
  • In just a matter of minutes, a user can register in the DEP Business Portal, establish a facility specific management role and begin data entry. 
  • Instantaneous access to a facility’s current reporting requirements, as well as the status and history of a facility’s reports. 
  • When a submission is made, EzDMR sends an email receipt along with a digitally signed copy of the DMR to the certifier.
  • Reduction of compliance costs by offering a streamlined reporting method using readily available computer tools. 

In other words, the facility saves on postage, paper and time.

Why it’s easy to complete the EzDMR online reports?

  • Legally authorized facility representatives grant permissions to their employees within EzDMR.
  • Data entry screens mimic the DMR for the facility’s current permit.
  • Availability of data entry tools to assist with populating data, such as mass-populating no data indicator (NODI) codes and excursions.
  • Minimization of data entry errors through notification of issues requiring attention before report submission.
  • Resubmissions auto-populate previously submitted data, thus avoiding the need to re-enter correct information.
  • Groundwater (Part D) reports recall previous data elements such as Detection Limits, Analysis Method, Sampling Equipment Use and Samples Filtered.
  • Availability of search filters to locate specific DMRs.
  • For wastewater facilities, quickly upload (CSV, XML) and download (PDF, CSV, XML) data throughout the DMR data entry lifecycle.
  • Upload daily (Part B) sample results and any additional documents as attachments to a submission.

How do I get started with EzDMR

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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